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Apple Is Not Developing the iVape Vaporizer, Here’s Why

Apple Is Not Developing the iVape Vaporizer, Here's Why


Apple Is Not Developing the iVape Vaporizer, Here’s Why

Apple made an announcement on January 26, and the rumors started spreading. The idea that the Silicon Valley giant was developing an ‘iVape’ vape pen.

Over the weekend, the Internet had a collective freakout. It was all over the possibility of Apple getting into the vaping market. Apple made a fascinating announcement on January 26, and the rumors started spreading. Apparently, the company filed a patent for a “sublimator/vaporizer” back in July of 2016. And that was all the Internet needed to let its imagination run wild. It didn’t take long for all kinds of speculation to emerge that Apple was developing a vaping device. People just jumped at the idea that the Silicon Valley trendsetter was developing a sleek “iVape” vape pen. But before you get your hopes up, here’s why it’s highly unlikely that Apple’s vaporizer patent has anything to do with cannabis.

Just Read The Patent

Apple Is Not Developing the iVape Vaporizer, Here's Why

Even a quick look at the figures and drawings on the patent paperwork reveal that Apple’s vaporizer isn’t designed for vaping cannabis. Additionally, the lead inventor listed on the patent is a well-known senior manager at Apple. Tetsuya Ishikawa is also the patent-holder for all kinds of semiconductors used in microchips. Besides, his resume lists all sorts of skills related to building chips for Apple’s devices. Maybe Ishikawa is branching out. But it’s way more likely that the vaporizing device Apple patented has to do with one of their manufacturing processes.

Apple And Cannabis Aren’t The Best Fit

Apple Is Not Developing the iVape Vaporizer, Here's Why

Sure, you can make a fantastic homemade bowl out of an apple. But tech giant Apple isn’t planning on catering to cannabis consumers anytime soon. Several people have already pointed out how the negative stereotypes associated with vaping and smoking, in general, don’t match the company’s clean style. But besides that, remember that cannabis is still illegal according to the federal government. So it doesn’t make much sense for a major US-based company to invest in a product that is still illegal.

And to be fair, how many people do you know who vape and like Apple products? It’s pretty safe to say that the vaping community isn’t jamming out on their iPhones or carrying MacBooks around. On the other hand, image-conscious Apple buyers may sour at the company’s shameless dive into the expanding vaping industry. To please those customers, Apple even replaced their Gun emoji with a child-friendly squirt-gun emoji. Let’s just say that Apple rolling out an “iVape” or some other vape pen would be a step in a very different direction.

But Vaping Is Moving Into The Tech Industry

Sorry, But Apple Is Not Developing an iVape Vaporizer

Apple may not be interesting in getting into the legal cannabis market. But that doesn’t mean cannabis industry innovators aren’t making the most of the smart devices in their vaping systems. All kinds of vape pens come with dedicated apps for Android or iOS that allow for wireless control of the vape. There’s already an e-cig called iStick.

And maybe that’s one reason Apple isn’t in a hurry to enter the vaping market. They’re already far behind. The insanely popular PAX vaporizer is already billed as the “iPhone of vaporizers” and was developed by a team at Stanford University. And an ex-Apple design leader co-founded the company that makes the Firefly vaporizer some call the best in the world.

Adam Drury

Adam is a staff writer for Green Rush Daily who hails from Corvallis, Oregon. He’s an artist, musician, and higher educator with deep roots in the cannabis community. His degrees in literature and psychology drive his interest in the therapeutic use of cannabis for mind and body wellness.

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