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How To Approach Your Parents About Smoking Weed

How To Approach Your Parents About Smoking Weed


How To Approach Your Parents About Smoking Weed

It can be awkward to talk to your parents about your cannabis use. These tips will make it much easier to approach your parents about smoking weed.

Cannabis use can be a really difficult topic to cover for a lot of families. Many of the negative stereotypes about weed that existed during your parents’ decades are still prominent today. Parents never want their kids to do drugs, especially so-called “gateway drugs,” so it’s important to know how to approach your parents about smoking weed. If you remember some of these tips, your next family game night won’t be ruined when you come out of the cannabis closet.

Know That They Might Not Agree With You


This one is difficult, because no matter how badly you want your parents on your side, they might not come around. For a lot of adults, cannabis is taboo. In states where it’s still illegal, it can be even harder. Be understanding of your parents’ thoughts and feelings. This will make them more likely to accept your lifestyle, even if they don’t agree with it. And it will go a long way when you try to approach your parents about smoking weed.

Don’t Be High When You Approach Your Parents About Smoking Weed


This should be a no-brainer, but don’t approach your parents about smoking weed while high. This will defeat your cause and make it look like you don’t respect their wishes. Similarly, if they don’t approve of cannabis, don’t bring it into their home. That’s just rude.

Do It After Dinner


This just might be the stoner in me, but everyone is happier after they’ve eaten. Also, if you have the conversation after dinner, the chances of your dad throwing spaghetti at you from across the table is lower.

Remind Them It’s Not a Failure on Their Part

How To Approach Your Parents About Smoking Weed

A lot of parents feel like they’ve failed when they find out that their child smokes weed. This is primarily because of the stigma that still surrounds it. Odds are, your parents smoked when they were young. In fact, there’s a huge number of parents who still smoke herb.

If your parents aren’t fans of weed, though, they probably developed their dislike of it as the war on drugs ramped up its anti-weed rhetoric. Remind them that even the government has admitted that wasn’t the way to go and make sure they know you’re not being spiteful or rebelling.

Listen With an Open Mind

How To Approach Your Parents About Smoking Weed

When you approach your parents about smoking weed, if you expect them to listen to you with an open mind, you must do the same for them. It’s not always easy to accept what other people have to say, but your parents always want what is best for you. Letting them know you’re aware of that will make the conversation feel two-sided and open.

If you are planning to reveal your stoner secret to your parents, good luck. This is sometimes a hard thing to do. However, parents will always have your back and as long as they know you know that, only good can come out of this honest and open communication. Plus, if you’re lucky you might find out that they also like weed. In that case, have fun puffing with your parents.

Hollie Ferguson

Hollie Ferguson's work has appeared in The Tab, Odyssey, Thought Catalog, and elsewhere. She loves writing, exploring, and playing with rescue pups.

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