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OMG Arguments To Have With Your Anti-Cannabis Parents

"OMG" Arguments To Have With Your Anti-Cannabis Parents


OMG Arguments To Have With Your Anti-Cannabis Parents

Debunking Your Anti-Cannabis Parents’ Arguments with Facts

Arguments between parents and their children do not stop the older you get. New trends and ever-changing lifestyles are complex and sometimes misunderstood by older generations. There is no exception when it comes to cannabis.

In recent years, science has collected data and facts about marijuana in attempts to better understand it. Whereas before, the mystery of the plant created an unfavorable stigma against its use. And you’ve most likely heard them from your parents.

Here are the common misconceptions your parents have about marijuana and how to debunk these arguments that will not result in getting thrown out of the house.

Cannabis Kills Brain Cells

"OMG" Arguments To Have With Your Anti-Cannabis Parents

Parents are always concerned for their child’s brain function. It’s natural and practical. However, if this statement is brought up in an argument, that fact is quite the opposite.

Cannabinoids are neuroregenerative, meaning rather than killing neurons, it plays a role in building new ones. Likewise, cannabinoids are neuroprotective, protecting brain cells from diseases and injuries caused by stroke and head trauma. So really, cannabis is good for your brain cells.


Chala Giron

Chala Giron is a poet and writer currently residing in England. She spends her free weekends traveling and writing. Her work has appeared in Tidal Echoes Literary Journal and on the Juneau Public buses.

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