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10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed

10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed


10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed

If you want to be sure none of your bud goes to waste, a rolling tray will keep you from dropping it all over the floor. Here are the best rolling trays for weed.

When you don’t have a table, rolling trays will save you from dropping your weed all over the floor or your lap. Transferring weed from a grinder to rolling papers pretty much guarantees spillage. You’ll find rolling to be less of a hassle when you have a tray handy. Let all the weed that misses your paper fall onto the tray. Then, use a card to scrape it into a neat pile, scoop it, and neatly add it back to the joint. Some trays do a lot more than just that. We did some research to find the best rolling trays for weed.

10. Roor Glass Rolling Tray

10 Best Rolling Trays For Weed

If you’re looking for a classy at-home rolling tray that won’t break the bank, the Roor Glass tray was made for you.

The Price


The Good

Roor has been one of the top dogs in the functional glass-blowing game for a long time. The glass they use is thick, and American made.

The Bad

Can’t really take it on the go. It’s large, and you wouldn’t want to risk dropping your glass rolling tray and having to replace it.


Ab Hanna

Ab is a New York based Green Rush Daily staff writer. During his time at Stony Brook University, he specialized in advanced research and analytical writing. He attends glass art shows supporting independent artists and stays up to date with the latest product innovations.

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