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Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea


Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

Feeling queasy? There are many reasons why you might feel sick to your stomach. You might be having indigestion, going through chemotherapy, or just feeling under the weather. Motion sickness, food poisoning, and pregnancy can also cause nausea. A great natural remedy is cannabis. The main compounds found in weed, THC and CBD, are both helpful in treating a sick stomach. Cannabinoids stimulate our appetite while relaxing our mind and body.

The following strains are all recommended, but try and see which ones work best for you. After all, everyone’s body is different, as is every illness or condition that causes nausea. If your nausea is really bad, make sure to visit the doctor in case it’s anything serious.

TIP: If you are feeling too sick to eat an edible, try smoking or vaping one of these strains. (Also choose a strain that has a pleasing smell that will not make you feel sicker). It’s a little easier on the stomach to smoke, and it will likely be way more effective than a canna-infused cookie.

20. Cherry Pie

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

We know that when you’re feeling nauseous, the last thing you probably want to do is go for a slice of pie. But Cherry Pie cannabis might just give you the munchies. This velvety orange strain is mostly indica and has a very distinct smell. It tastes great and is not only good for appetite stimulation, but it’s also quite popular with creative types when they’re feeling blocked.

19. Drizzle

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

If you need instant pain relief and a good night’s sleep, try this indica with a musky scent and sweet-smelling finish. It’s quite strong regarding potency, and it can zap your nausea fast. With a savory taste to it, Drizzle is also an excellent choice for calming a nervous stomach.

18. Grand Daddy Purple

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

An indica hybrid without much of a smell, Grand Daddy Purple is an excellent choice for soothing the stomach. It has a distinct pine taste and creates a very nice head and upper body buzz. This strain is great to smoke before taking a hot bath or shower, and will leave you feeling hungry.

17. Grape Ape

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

Try this indica if your nausea is really bad. With a sweet grape flavor and buzz that lasts for hours, Grape Ape is killer at stopping nausea and increasing appetite. Its effects are not only long-lasting, but they’re also very relaxing.

16. Sour Diesel

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

This sativa dominant strain can boost energy, creativity, and even help ease depression and pain. Sour Diesel will make you feel uplifted and euphoric, and has a pungent, earthy taste. It’s especially great if you’re getting over a stomach bug or recovering from an illness. If your upset stomach is mainly caused by anxiety and stress, Sour Diesel is a good one to try.

15. Sleestack X Skunk

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

This sativa dominant hybrid has a very strange name but is very potent and great for full-body relaxation and nausea relief. Covered in little crystals, it smells sweet and sour as you inhale, and will help to ease tension and chronic pain. Just remember to go slow, as it can get you very stoned.

14. Kandy Kush

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

An indica dominant hybrid with a sweet and skunky smell, we recommend smoking this one if your stomach pain is so bad you’re struggling to fall asleep. Kandy Kush is great at knocking you into a blissful state, as it is quite powerful and will almost certainly give you the munchies.

13. Grape God

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

What strain smells and tastes like a delicious piece of fruit? Grape God has big, purple-green buds and a sweet, fruity smell. It’s a very powerful indica and will relax your entire body from head to toe. Grape God is also great for nausea, stomach pain, and any muscle tension you may be storing.

12. Premium KB Killer

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

If you’re looking for a potent strain with just enough of a kick to get you off the couch after you smoke sesh, try this one. Premium PB Killer gives you all the deep relaxation of an indica with a jolt of energy from the sativa in it. The smoke tastes sweet, the pain and nausea relief is powerful, and it will likely leave you with food cravings.

11. Canna Berry

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

This hybrid is very, very potent. It grows deep green with pretty purple buds and smells a lot like a pine tree. The taste is a bit sweet, and it won’t burn your lungs or be too harsh, so it’s great for when you’re already feeling under the weather. Canna Berry can help nausea as well as headaches and fatigue.

10. Pink Kush

20 Best Strains For Getting Rid Of Nausea

It tastes like a super sweet tea but is sure to make you feel energetic before melting into a super relaxed state. Pink Kush works well to reduce nausea and increase appetite and is one of the smoothest hybrid strains around.


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