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Buds and Breakfast: The Best Weed Friendly Hotels

Buds and Breakfast: The Best Weed Friendly Hotels


Buds and Breakfast: The Best Weed Friendly Hotels

With more lenient marijuana laws across the nation, cannabis tourism is becoming a big deal. Here’s our list of the top marijuana friendly hotels.

Best Weed Friendly Hotels

With states adopting more lenient marijuana laws across the nation, cannabis tourism is becoming a big deal. Medical marijuana patients on vacation or guests just looking for a bit of extra relaxation can find weed friendly hotels in states with legal marijuana.

In states that have recreational marijuana like Washington and Colorado, weed tourism and marijuana-friendly accommodations are becoming common. Some hotels allow guests to piff on patios and balconies. Some others without outdoor smoking areas allow their guests to vaporize marijuana in their rooms.

Most states that have available medical and recreational marijuana do not allow for public smoking. If you’re a medical marijuana patient from another state visiting and you don’t have any private property to smoke on this can be problematic.

If you were visiting Washington and hoping to toke on the state’s finest, you will need to keep in mind that you cannot smoke in public or pretty much anywhere besides private property you have permission to smoke on. Fortunately, there are some hotels with marijuana-friendly accommodations that will solve this problem.

Weed Friendly Washington Lodging 

Regular hotels allowing marijuana smoking in Washington is fairly uncommon, but there are plenty of bed and breakfasts that accommodate marijuana smokers.

One of the highest rated 420 friendly hotels in Seattle, Washington is Bed Baked and BeyondThis newly renovated, early 1900 Victorian home has several outdoor smoking options for guests.

Buds and Breakfast: The Best Weed Friendly Hotels

Kush Tourism

You can smoke on the front porch, feet away from where it would be illegal. You can also chill in the backyard. There is a fire-pit and lawn chairs so you can have a bud bonfire.

There is also a pot-ting shed which is a potting shed turned outdoor, undercover, hotboxing lounge. There’s Direct TV and a private bathroom.

Buds and Breakfast: The Best Weed Friendly Hotels

Kush Tourism

The Bed Baked and Beyond also comes with complimentary food and beverages so everything you need will be nearby should you be too stoned to travel for it.

Another worthy mention is the Bacon Mansion which has a beautiful courtyard with comfortable seating for guests to smoke and lounge in.

Weed Friendly Hotels in Colorado

Colorado has to be by far the most marijuana accommodating state in the nation. Many hotels in Colorado allow guests to vaporize indoors and smoke outdoors. Some hotels even have in-room marijuana-infused massages and other marijuana-related services.

Buds and Breakfast: The Best Weed Friendly Hotels

Colorado Cannabis Tours

The Cherry Creek Hotel in Denver Colorado offers vaporizer friendly rooms and balconies. In-room cannabis infused massages are available. Vaporizer and dab rig rentals are also available. There is a king suite, double queen suite, and even a One Bedroom King Suite with a full kitchen and pull out couch.

This hotel offers a “discreet use” policy in regards to its balconies. This hotel and many others will tolerate consumption in the case that no other guests are impacted. Hotels reserve the right to ask you to refrain from smoking if guest complaints are made with the hotel management.

Buds and Breakfast: The Best Weed Friendly Hotels

My 420 Tours

Another favorite weed friendly hotel in Colorado is the 16th street mall hotel. These hotel rooms come with complimentary silver surfer vaporizers which is one of the highest quality dry herb vaporizers on the market. Amenities include in-house bar and restaurants, pool table, video game arcade, restaurant, outdoor pool, gym, and low-cost dab rig rentals. Even if you get stoned and don’t feel like moving far or finding places to go, pretty much everything you need to enjoy yourself is within the 16th street mall hotel.

Final Hit

You can find lodging to accommodate weed smoking in states with legal forms of marijuana. However, it is far more common in states with recreational marijuana or less strict medical marijuana laws. States with recreational marijuana have hotels with marijuana-related services like vape rentals and weed massages. As marijuana becomes more acceptable and legal in more states, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for weed friendly lodging.

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