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10 Best Weed-Themed Games

Best Weed-Themed Games


10 Best Weed-Themed Games

If you like playing games with friends and smoking weed, why not mix them all together by playing a cannabis-inspired game? Here are today’s best weed-themed games.

One of the great things about weed is that it brings people together. Whether you’re sharing a J with a neighbor you just met or puffing with your closest friends, cannabis is an excellent social lubricant. What better way to tap into the social side of weed than to pair weed with your next game night. Here are the best weed-themed games to play the next time you want to hang out with friends and celebrate the herb we all love the most.

10. Puzzles

Best Weed-Themed Games

When you want a quiet night of high reflection, grab a weed-themed puzzle and let your mind do the work of fitting it together.

9. Stoner Trivia

Best Weed-Themed Games

How much do you know about cannabis? Find out with this epic weed-based question game that tests the knowledge of even the most seasoned smokers.

8. 420 The Card Game

Best Weed-Themed Games

This card game may very well be the GOAT when it comes to weed-themed card games. 420-The Card Game is packed with ridiculous dares and mad laughter, especially if you play it while puffing a strain known to produce the giggles.

7. Stoner City

Best Weed-Themed Games

Stoner City is basically the weed version of Monopoly. It’s also like a board game version of Wiz’s Weed Farms. Take over all the weed business on the board and become the kingpin of the game.

6. Cards Against Humanity “Weed Pack”

Best Weed-Themed Games

Because Cards Against Humanity was not incredible enough, now there is one designed specifically for stoners. Grab your friends, get your bud, and show everyone just how twisted your mind is with Cards Against Humanity’s special edition Weed Pack.

5. Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farms

Best Weed-Themed Games

Create your own weed farm the cops can’t bust you for! This app is incredible. In Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farms You get to grow your own weed and sell it in a dispensary. With this app, you can become your own plug and sell to all your neighbors. Well, in the game at least.

4. Weed!

Best Weed-Themed Games

Another card game that goes by the name of your favorite herb. Dive into the world of cannabis cultivation with this novelty pack of cards that will make the perfect addition to your next game night. You can also get a deluxe version if the normal one is not weed-y enough for you.

3. Lords Of Cannabis

Best Weed-Themed Games

Oh what an incredible board game. Trade, deceive, and steal your way to the throne. Lords of Cannabis will be a hit for that weed-themed Game of Thrones viewing party you’ve been wanting to throw.

2. The THC Game

Best Weed-Themed Games

This game is great for when you want to get to know your stoner pals better. It’s also perfect for the dare devil in you. Another board game designed to get you high and make you laugh, this game lets you dare your friends to do ridiculous things. You’ll definitely have some great stories to tell after a few rounds of The THC Game.

1. Pass The Grass

Best Weed-Themed Games

Roll the dice and then roll up a joint because Pass the Grass is a great tool to get you high while working on your inner nerd. Grab some friends and this game and go crazy, ya fiend.

Final Hit: The Best Weed-Themed Games

The best weed-themed games on this list are sure to add a little green to your next game night. So grab one of these games, call up your friends, and get ready to have fun. Oh yeah, and you should probably puff while you play.

Hollie Ferguson

Hollie Ferguson's work has appeared in The Tab, Odyssey, Thought Catalog, and elsewhere. She loves writing, exploring, and playing with rescue pups.

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