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5 More Companies Now Allowed to Produce Medical Marijuana in NY

5 more companies now allowed to produce medical marijuana in NY


5 More Companies Now Allowed to Produce Medical Marijuana in NY

Five new companies with the aim to produce medical marijuana are opening in the state of New York.

If you’re a New York-based patient who receives medicinal cannabis as a treatment, you’re in luck: as of Wednesday, five more companies are now allowed to produce medical marijuana in the state.

More New York Companies Can Produce Medical Marijuana

5 More Companies Now Allowed to Produce Medical Marijuana in NY

On Tuesday, the Department of Health announced that five new providers will open in an effort to provide accessibility to New York state patients, as the Associated Press reported.

Four of these sites will be located in Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island. As of now, the site of the fifth provider has not been announced.

According to local news source Newsday, “locations weren’t disclosed immediately in large part because some companies were looking to finalize sites after the state decided on licenses.”

The dispensaries will be helmed by the New York City-based company Fiorello Pharmaceuticals. As per their website, their mission is “to provide patients suffering from debilitating and life-threatening illnesses with compassionate service and access to high-quality medical marijuana from trained medical professionals.”

“We are a seasoned team of pharmaceutical executives striving to create best practices in medicine. Our drive to help patients first is what pushes us beyond limits to provide customers with a safe, reliable and health driven medicinal product,” their site also states.

As Fiorella co-CEO Eric Sirota told reporters, “what distinguishes us from the other companies in the market is that all of our facilities will be located in medical buildings, in academic medical settings.”

Sirota also added that the foundation of such facilities will “establish therapeutic marijuana as a mainstream medical treatment.”

Not including the addition of five new medicinal cannabis providers, New York currently has 10 manufacturing sites and 40 dispensaries.

While medicinal cannabis—and the dispensing of it thereof—is legal in the state, recreational cannabis use has yet to be decriminalized. According to sources, however, the criminalized status of recreational weed might change as early as 2019 in the state.

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