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The AuBox: Delivering Cannabis Products To Your Doorstep

The AuBox: Delivering Cannabis Products To Your Doorstep


The AuBox: Delivering Cannabis Products To Your Doorstep

The AuBox

If you’re a lover of all things cannabis who resides in San Francisco, CA, the AuBox may be for you. Originally a delivery service specializing in beauty products, the company has branched out to cannabis enthusiasts who prefer the convenience of getting their goodies delivered right to their doorstep. Whether you’re looking to spark up, spice up your relationship, or indulge your pet, the AuBox offers a wide variety of cannabis products to satisfy your needs.

About the AuBox

Jessica VerSteeg founded the company after a career spanning 10 years in modeling around the world. With AuBox, she has set out to provide her customers with a wide array of cannabis-based products. Their website states the goal of the company: to provide a luxury experience to its customers while changing the perception of the cannabis culture. With the AuBox, customers are treated to an assortment of premium cannabis goods without the often uncomfortable inconvenience of having to seek them out. The company offers many different boxes to subscribe to, each of which contains a handful of goodies to delight in. Every month, customers are treated to a different assortment of products based on the box they’ve chosen.

What’s Inside

The AuBox offers 7 different categories of boxes to accommodate every buyer’s wishes. Ladies may be interested in the beauty box, which features 7-8 products such as cannabinoid-infused lotions, bath bombs, and face creams. Guys can opt for the man box with its assortment of cannabis protein shakes, beard oils, and salves. Animal lovers can spoil their fur babies with the pet box, featuring CBD-rich dog treats (cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of the plant), shampoos, lotions, and hemp toys.

They’ve got other boxes, too: the sampler box comes with an assortment of different buds, the self-explanatory edibles box, or even the “intimates”box designed for the stoner couple. For the adventurous types who may want to experiment with different boxes, AuBox allows for customers to change their box every month. Additionally, the subscription can be put on hold for those who travel frequently and may not be home every month to enjoy their goods.

Where To Sign Up

Pre-orders are available now with deliveries beginning in November. A sample box runs at $150 with subscriptions available at a lower rate. 3 months for $140/month, 6 months for $120, and 1 year for only $99. If you live in San Francisco and have a medical marijuana license, check out their website here to get your own AuBox.

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