Aurora Cannabis Announces New Product Line With Over 35 Percent THC

Aurora Cannabis is now offering GMP-compliant, medical grade kief.

Jesse Faatz/High Times

A new line of products from Canadian medical cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis is making waves in the patient and caregiver community. On Wednesday, the company announced the release of its Aurora Frost brand of dried cannabis. Boasting a THC concentration at or above 35 percent, Aurora Frost isn’t just one of the highest potency dried cannabis products on the market. The new brand is also Aurora’s most potent offering to date.

New Aurora Frost Dried Cannabis Product Offers Over 35 Percent THC

With the atmospheric THC concentrations of today’s cannabis products, it takes something special to make headlines. Faced with the natural biological limits of the cannabis plant itself, even the most potent flowers tend to top 30 percent THC only rarely.

Still, that hasn’t stopped growers and producers from falling into something of a potency arms race. But the issue was settled decisively by the meteoric rise of concentrates. In terms of pure THC potency, flower typically can’t compete.

Doing dabs of ultra-potent concentrates, however, isn’t a viable option for most medical cannabis patients. That’s why Aurora designed their new Frost product line with an eye toward medical and recreational users looking for something more potent, but that’s still dried cannabis you can smoke or vape.

So how did Aurora hit the highly prized 35 percent THC mark in a non-concentrate medical product? By “successfully developing a proprietary, fine trimming and GMP compliant technology,” said Aurora CEO Terry Booth.

Starting with premium whole flower, Aurora’s proprietary technology harvests the trichomes by finely trimming them off the flowers. Essentially, the company is producing kief.

Trichomes are resinous glands the cannabis plant produces. These glands are packed with active pharmaceutical compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. Kief is an industry term for significant quantities of trichomes. (Many flower grinders, for example, have “kief catchers” to make sure no medicinal elements go to waste.)

Aurora Frost: Pure, Medical Grade Kief

On its website, Aurora lists Frost independently of its other dried cannabis products. That’s because the product doesn’t contain any leafy matter. Instead, it’s basically pure kief—a powder.

“Aurora’s in-house experts have isolated the THC-rich trichomes by meticulously ‘cold-tumbling’ select Aurora strains using a fine mesh,” states the company’s website.

Basically, Aurora has figured out a way to develop an industrial-scale kief catching system that meets Canada’s rigorous controls for medical cannabis products.

The process of manufacturing pharmaceuticals always involves some risks. Risks that final product testing and quality assurance standards can’t eliminate. That’s why Aurora Cannabis’s new Aurora Frost line of products are all GMP compliant. This ensures products are consistent and meet the standards pursuant to Canada’s medical cannabis regulations.

Aurora Cannabis Announces New Product Line With Over 35 Percent THC

On its spec sheet, Aurora lists its current batch of Frost products at an astounding 38.7% THC. The company almost exclusively uses Indica strains in its manufacturing process. Furthermore, CBD concentration hovers at 0.08%, or almost negligible, meaning there’s nothing to countervail the effects of the THC.

Aurora recommends using Frost as a light dusting to increase the potency of patients’ dried flower. However, patients can use the product on its own. “Start low and go slow,” advises Aurora.

Aurora is selling Frost at $35 per gram, with a $10 discount for compassionate pricing patients. The company ships the product in child-safe packaging with certified glass bottles. Consistent with its other products, Frost ships with complete third-party lab test results listing potency, terpene profile, and contaminant analysis.

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