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First Cannabis Drive-Thru in USA Set to Open

First Cannabis Drive-Thru in USA Set to Open | Green Rush Daily


First Cannabis Drive-Thru in USA Set to Open

Marijuana Drive-Thru

Last fall, word got out that employees at a McDonald’s in France had for years been selling and delivering marijuana to customers via the restaurant’s drive-thru window. While this particular cannabis business venture didn’t pan out all that well, the idea of drive-thru weed apparently still has legs. According to local news sources, entrepreneurs in Gold Beach, Oregon plan to open a new dispensary this spring that will feature what dispensary owners are calling the nation’s first marijuana drive-thru window.

“I’ve seen the business plan, I’ve met the investors, and I believe this venture is going to be quite an asset to the area,” Curry County Economic Development Director Julie Schmelzer told reporters.

“Their plans for expansion and other amenities can help Gold Beach and the southwestern coast become a destination for those interested in the new green tourism we are fortunate to be a part of.”

Tapping into and celebrating cannabis culture, the dispensary owners plan to open the shop’s doors and drive-thru window on April 20.

For the owners of the new dispensary, the drive-thru window is part of a larger focus on improving the accessibility of cannabis as much as possible.

In keeping with that goal, the owners decided to open the dispensary in a building located adjacent to the Curry General Hospital.

“We want to make sure people have the opportunity for natural alternatives to pain medicine,” said dispensary manager Jeremy Paulson.

“We also are firm believers that a reliable dispensary can help keep black market marijuana off the streets, thereby reducing crime.”

Since recreational marijuana use went into full effect last fall, Oregon has seen some impressive numbers, both in terms of how much cannabis has been sold in dispensaries and the amount of taxes those sales have generated for state and local governments.

But with increasingly stricter growing and lab testing regulations, as well as a new 25% sales tax on recreational cannabis, experts have predicted that the legal cannabis scene in Oregon could experience some significant changes in 2016.

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