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Club M Is The Birchbox For Weed

Club M Is The Birchbox For Weed


Club M Is The Birchbox For Weed

Club M Is Delivering Cannabis to Your Doorstep

Have you ever tried Stitchfix or Birchbox? Once a month, a package comes to your door with fashion trends or beauty products selected for you by a stylist. It’s like Christmas morning or the first day of Hanukkah every month. Now, imagine receiving a package of premium cannabis products. Well, fear not, for your dreams are coming true. Introducing, ClubM, the up and coming cannabis delivery service. Californians may sign up for a membership with Club M and get the MBox delivered monthly to their doorstep.

What’s Included In The MBox?

Club M Is The Birchbox For Weed

For a membership of $97/month, you receive $200 worth of selected premium cannabis concentrates, vapes, edibles, flowers, plus merchandise and music to sample. In addition, you can shop themed boxes to fit your personal tastes better.

Themed boxes, such as “Explore MBox,” comes with Moon Rocks, Hybrid-Chernobyl flower, Fire Og wax, Sweet Island skunk kief, 650mg THC, Supernova Trail Mix Cookies, portable bowls, and much more. On the other hand, if you prefer something to share with your partner on Valentine’s Day, there’s the “Naughty & Nice MBox.” This box features cannabis infused sex and massage oils, mint edibles, and a cannabis and champagne-infused creation. Sounds like the perfect weekend in.

Beginning in 2016, the MBox was awarded afirst prize for Best Packaging in the Best of Edibles in 2016 by Edibles Magazine. Didn’t take long to prove their products truly are premium.

Club M is constantly testing boundaries and searching for innovative cannabis creations. For example, premium sun-grown cannabis in a can. Similar to other canned food, the flowers in a can uses nitro-sealing. This protects the flower from oxygen and humidity preserving the cannabis as fresh as the day it was harvested.

If receiving premium cannabis straight to your door wasn’t enough, how does free shipping sound? Club M boasts fast and free delivery to their members.

Everything that comes in the box is yours to smoke, eat, and enjoy. And if you like a product so much you have to have it again, you can purchase it separately on their website.

What’s The Catch?

Club M Is The Birchbox For Weed

Membership is by invitation only. Though it is selective, it’s easy to apply for an invitation to join their exclusive club here.

Not only is ClubM changing the way Californians purchase cannabis, they’re philanthropic as well. Their purpose is to bring more art, love, and harmony into the world. They do this by promoting and funding artists who strive to break down the barriers between people. So, if buying marijuana brings us closer to peace and love, sign us up!

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