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This Colorado Mom Makes Millions Selling Weed Gummies

This Colorado Mom Makes Millions Selling Weed Gummies


This Colorado Mom Makes Millions Selling Weed Gummies

This Colorado mom makes millions selling weed gummies. But that’s not all she does. Along the way, she’s changing the legal weed industry.

A Colorado woman is fast becoming a leader in the legal weed scene. After getting into the industry during the early days of legalization, she’s turned a culinary experiment into a multi-million dollar empire. Now, this Colorado mom makes millions selling weed gummies.

Nancy Whiteman’s Cannabis Empire

Nancy Whiteman is a 59-year-old cannabis business owner from Colorado. Her company, Wana Brands, makes a huge lineup of weed edibles. It includes things like hot chocolate, gourmet salted caramels, and artisan hard candies—all infused with THC.

Additionally, the company is getting ready to roll out a new chocolate fudge edible. But Whiteman and her company are best known for their weed gummies.

Seven years ago, Whiteman began experimenting with making different kinds of edibles. Working with Wana Brands co-founder John Whiteman, she eventually figured out how to make THC-infused gummy candies.

That was the big breakthrough. From there, she moved the product onto Colorado’s legal weed market. Almost immediately, the gummies started flying off dispensary shelves.

Whiteman has since made millions selling her now-famous cannabis gummies. In fact, she expects to make more than $12 million by the end of this year alone.

Whiteman’s brand has grown far beyond just Colorado. As more and more states legalize medical and recreational weed, Whiteman continues to expand her market. Wana Brand products are currently being sold in Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada. She also plans to move into Massachusetts, Arizona, and Illinois soon.

Breaking Down Stereotypes

This Colorado Mom Makes Millions Selling Weed Gummies

Wana Brands

Whiteman isn’t only making one of the most popular products on the legal weed scene. She’s also breaking down stereotypes along the way.

As a 59-year-old mother of two, she’s probably not what a lot of people would picture when they think of a weed business owner. But that’s part of what she likes about her work.

“The stereotypes of a young man in his 20s is not really a thing if you look at consumer demographics now,” she told Business Insider. She also said that she thinks the legal weed market will start catering more and more to older women like her by offering more women-oriented products and services.

Final Hit: This Colorado Mom Makes Millions Selling Weed Gummies

Whiteman brings her life experience and educational training to bear on her weed business. She holds a degree in science as well as an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Additionally, she is a cannabis consumer.

Years ago, as Colorado started legalizing weed, she saw a golden opportunity to meet the needs of a niche market. She and then-husband John Whiteman founded Wana Brands in 2010. Since then, the edibles market has exploded. In fact, edibles accounted for almost half of all legal weed sales in 2015.

Now, seven years later, Whiteman sits on the throne of a multi-million dollar edibles kingdom that looks like it will only continue to grow.

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