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Legal Cannabis Consumers Spend $645 on Weed Each Year

Legal Cannabis Consumers Spend $645 on Weed Each Year


Legal Cannabis Consumers Spend $645 on Weed Each Year

Cannabis Consumers Spend $645 on Weed Each Year

Long Story Short

Cannabis industry research firm Headset recently analyzed customer data to figure out more about legal cannabis consumers in the United States. Among a huge list of other things, they found that legal cannabis customers spend an average of $645 on weed every year.

The Details

The new report looked at numbers that were gathered from roughly 40,000 legal marijuana purchases. The purchases were made in Washington state between September 2014 and July 2016.

Legal Cannabis Consumers Spend $645 on Weed Each Year


After analyzing different demographic information, experts were able to sketch out some interesting trends. Here are some highlights from what they found:

  • 68.9% of legal marijuana customers were men, and 31.1% were women.
  • Most people spend somewhere between $25 and $50 every time they go to a dispensary.
  • The median cannabis consumer spends an average of $645 every year on legal weed.
  • A quarter of all marijuana customers spend between $1,000 and $2,500 on pot every year.
  • Men and women spend almost the exact same amount of money on legal marijuana.
  • Legal cannabis consumers in their 20s go to marijuana shops the most often. On average, folks in that age group visit a shop every 16 days.
  • People in their 60s go the least often. They make a purchase every 26 days or so.
  • Bud is by far the most popular product across all categories and demographics. Pre-rolled joints are the second most popular.

Revising The Stereotype

One of the most interesting things about all this information is that it really changes a lot of our stereotypes. The pop culture image of a pot smoker is often a young college-aged dude toking up instead of going to class or getting stoned at some crazy frat party.

But according to Headset’s data that image doesn’t really hold up. In fact, the average male consumer of legal cannabis is 37.4 years old. The average female customer is 38.2. And when it’s all combined, the average age for all consumers of legal cannabis is 37.6 years old.

Legal Cannabis Consumers Spend $645 on Weed Each Year


The single largest age group is the 25-29-year-old sector. That group accounts for 20% of all consumers. But there are also sizeable numbers of pot users going up all the way to folks in their 60s.

In fact, the huge majority of all customers are 30 or older. That group accounts for just over 63% of everybody who purchases legal marijuana. The legal cannabis industry has seen some impressive growth. In Oregon, it’s already generated $46 million in new wages. And the entire industry is on pace to hit $22 billion by 2020.

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