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Mary’s Medicinals Is About To Patent A Cannabis Infused Gel

Mary's Medicinals Is About To Patent A Cannabis Infused Gel


Mary’s Medicinals Is About To Patent A Cannabis Infused Gel

Mary’s Medicinals Cannabis Gel

Cannabis company Mary’s Medicinals received an official Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for a patent on its cannabis infused gel. The company uses the gel in a handful of its marijuana products. The main ones are its cannabis gel pens.

These pens let you apply cannabis gel directly to your body. This makes it possible to get accurate dosages for treating pain in specific parts of your body.

Mary’s Medicinals also makes recreational cannabis gel pens. These ones are higher in THC so that users can catch a buzz after it soaks in through their skin.

The company also uses cannabis gel in its line of cannabis pet products. Mary’s Medicinals sells a CBD gel pen designed to be used as a pain reliever for animals. The Notice of Allowance is a big step forward for both Mary’s Medicinals and the entire cannabis industry.

A Notice of Allowance isn’t an actual patent. But it’s very close. Here’s how the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) explains a Notice of Allowance:

“If, on examination, it appears that the applicant is entitled to a patent under the law, a notice of allowance will be sent to the applicant.”

Basically, it means that things have checked out so far and the application is getting close to being fully approved.



Coming this close to getting a patent is a big deal in the cannabis industry. Since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, it can be hard to get a cannabis product patented by the government.

“We are pleased that the Patent and Trademark Office has approved our application,” said Mary’s Medicinals founder and CEO Nicole Smith.

“The PTO has only granted an extremely limited number of cannabis-related patents.”

She said that most of the patents given out so far have gone to big pharmaceutical corporations and research institutions. Very few have gone to actual cannabis companies. Patents are just one of the big questions still looming over the young cannabis industry.

Another big concern has to do with how pot dispensaries handle their money. Since it’s nearly impossible for them to open regular bank accounts, many dispensaries are forced to operate as cash-only businesses. This has sometimes made them easy targets for robberies. It also makes it harder to give employees full benefits.

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