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Montel Williams Is Launching His Own Cannabis Company

Montel Williams Is Launching His Own Cannabis Company


Montel Williams Is Launching His Own Cannabis Company

Former talk-show host Montel Williams announced his intention to join the green rush by launching his own medical cannabis company.

Montel Williams Marijuana Company

Every day, it seems like more and more celebrities are entering the force in the fight for cannabis legalization. Recently, former talk-show host Montel Williams announced his intention to join the struggle by launching his own medical marijuana company.

Williams is most known for his long tenure as host of the syndicated talk show that bears his name, The Montel Williams Show. In 1999, Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system that causes intense neuropathic pain in sufferers.

As many people know, symptoms of multiple sclerosis are relieved by cannabis. Williams was savvy enough to discover this for himself when he was diagnosed and has been a fierce advocate for medicinal marijuana ever since.

For Williams, cannabis is the best treatment for his condition, and with the launching of this company, he wants to help others too. In fact, just a couple months ago Montel Williams was detained at a German border for medical marijuana.

Montel Williams Detained At German Border For Medical Marijuana

The Expo

On the 8th, Williams attended the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition. This year, at their third annual meetup, Williams was among the keynote speakers. Here’s where he broke the news that he has plans to start his medical marijuana company.

As he took the stage at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Williams announced the name of his upcoming startup: LenitivLabs. “I’m putting my face right on the box. I support legalization because it will grant access to more patients,” Williams said in his speech.

LenitivLabs will focus on delivering extremely high-quality cannabis to their costumers. His aim with the company is to help these patients with their ailments the same way Williams uses the plant to help alleviate the symptoms of his multiple sclerosis.

In creating his strain, Williams and LenitivLabs will bring the highest quality of medication to the people with consistency and reliability. Additionally, his product will be free of harmful additives that can be found among many other strains in the marketplace. Williams’s hope is that his company will be profitable enough for him to endeavor in funding his research on the plant to further its path to legalization.

Melissa Etheridge, rock singer-songwriter and ally in the fight for cannabis legalization, also made her announcement at the event alongside Williams.  She spoke on a panel about the beneficial effects of CBD in athletics; particularly pertinent in the wake of UFC fighter Nate Diaz’s controversial use of CBD in a post-fight press conference. She announced the launching of her company, Etheridge Farms, which will focus on selling various cannabis products for public consumption.

With voting for cannabis legalization on the ballot in a whopping 5 states this November, celebrity support from the likes of Williams and Etheridge can only serve to help further the cause.

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