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Cannabis Company OpenVAPE Wants To Name Denver Broncos Stadium

Cannabis Company OpenVAPE Wants To Name Denver Broncos Stadium


Cannabis Company OpenVAPE Wants To Name Denver Broncos Stadium

Cannabis company OpenVAPE just announced that it’s trying to buy the naming rights to the Denver Broncos stadium.

If the company’s bid is successful, it said it will rename the field OpenVAPE at Mile High.

Right now sports equipment store Sports Authority owns naming rights to the venue. The stadium is currently called Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

But Sports Authority has recently run into hard financial times. As a result, it’s looking like it will lose its rights to the stadium’s name.

OpenVAPE recently submitted a proposal to take over the $6 million annual fee for the stadium’s naming rights.

The company also released a short video showing what the stadium would look like if it gets to rename the venue:

OpenVAPE specializes in selling some cannabis vaporizer products. They’ve also been focused on exploring and developing some medicinal CBD products.

“We’re a rapidly growing global business, and we see the opportunity to align two iconic winning Colorado brands to reflect our state’s pioneering spirit and heritage,” said OpenVAPE COO Jeremy Heidl.

“Our company produces much more than innovative vape pens, and we intend to drive awareness around the use of CBD products as an alternative treatment for pain and other medical conditions.”

The company says that its focus on CBD products makes it a good match for an NFL team. That’s because a growing number of NFL players have started saying that the league needs to change its rules to allow players to use medical marijuana.

In January, a group of former NFL players joined together to call on the league to remove marijuana from its list of banned substances.

They said that cannabis could be a healthier and safer way to treat the pain that players deal with than relying on prescription painkillers.

And as more and more players end up developing severe brain injuries as a result of their time on the gridiron, many have turned to cannabis as a possible treatment.

OpenVAPE isn’t the first cannabis company to put in a bid to buy the naming rights to the Broncos stadium.

Just last month another Colorado-based cannabis company, Native Roots, announced that it wants to purchase the naming rights. If they get the rights, they said they’ll name the field Native Roots Field at Mile High.

So far, it’s unclear exactly when the Broncos will decide who gets to take over the stadium’s naming rights.

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