Company Will Pay Cannabis Connoisseurs $50 an Hour to Sample Strains

In addition to sampling weed strains, connoisseurs will represent the company online and at events.

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Cannabis legalization is widely hailed as a job creator and economic stimulant. According to many industry estimates, legal cannabis will create hundreds of thousands of jobs across multiple sectors. But few positions will offer the same hands-on experience as a new job on offer with the Toronto company AHLOT. AHLOT is looking for five cannabis connoisseurs to sample and report back on different weed strains. And the company is willing to pay $50 an hour for the right people.

Toronto Company Seeks Recruits for Cannabis Curation Committee

Weed isn’t legal in Canada just yet. That will have to wait until October 17. And AHLOT isn’t a retail cannabis company—not yet, anyway. That’s the aim of hiring cannabis connoisseurs. Up to now, AHLOT has been selling curated subscription boxes.

Or to be more precise, one subscription box: the award-winning Ritual Box. AHLOT says the Ritual Box comes with everything a person needs for the perfect joint rolling ritual. Well-crafted and modular, consumers can tailor the Ritual Box to their exact preferences. The boxes just don’t include flower, since selling weed is still illegal in Canada.

But with legalization on the horizon, AHLOT wants to start offering products “that will include actual cannabis,” says a company site. And on deck for an October 17 release is their strain sample pack, the Discovery Series, Vol. 1. Featuring five brands curated to be “the perfect mix for any occasion,” the Discovery Series includes a gram each of a hybrid, two indica and two sativa strains.

And to help curate the strains for Volumes 2, 3 and beyond, AHLOT is recruiting a Cannabis Curation Committee. The five-member committee will sample and select from Canada’s finest flower. And they’ll receive handsome compensation for their efforts.

The Perks of Being a Cannabis Connoisseur

The duties of the Cannabis Curation Committee will be substantial. Its five members will, of course, report back on the quality and traits of different cannabis strains. But they’ll also write social media posts about their experiences and appear in video segments highlighting the best strains. Committee members will also represent the company at sponsored events.

AHLOT is asking a lot of its cannabis connoisseurs, but it’s willing to pay. The fortunate five the company hires will receive $1,000 a month for about 16-20 hours of work. Employees will also receive a $200 expense account.

Considering the variety of strains in Vol. 1, the curation committee will be sampling from a huge range of flower. Vol. 1 includes everything from CBD-dominant strains to high-THC Kush. AHLOT wants the best flower for its sample packs, and the committee will be in charge of curating cannabis experiences for Toronto and beyond.

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