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This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis

This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis


This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis

As legalization expands, cultivation companies are taking off. Tantalus Lab is the Tesla of Cannabis and they’re changing everything.

The business of cannabis cultivation is one of the most competitive and fastest-growing sectors of the industry. It takes a special kind of innovation to separate yourself from the pack. And one cultivation company is so ahead of the curve that it has earned the moniker the “Tesla of cannabis.”

Tantalus Labs: The Tesla of Cannabis

This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis

Maybe you’ve been living underground, but even then you’ve probably heard of Tesla, Inc. Led by the eccentric CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has pioneered the world of electric cars.

Driven by its mission to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” Tesla launched its Model S in 2012. A fully electric full-sized sedan, the Model S performs more like a sports car, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. On top of that, drivers never have to pay a cent for gasoline at the pump.

And it’s exactly this commitment to energy innovation that makes Tantalus Labs, a cannabis cultivation company, the Tesla of cannabis.

Just like Tesla, Tantalus Labs is a pioneer of innovative, sustainable growing technologies that take care of the environment. And we’re not just talking things like solar panels and carbon offsets.

Rather, Tantalus Labs has built a massive, completely sustainable cannabis greenhouse.

Tantalus Labs’ New Cannabis Greenhouse Combines Best of Indoor and Outdoor Growing

This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis

Cannabis grows best outdoors. Plenty of sun, light, and water, and outdoor grows consistently and easily produce high yields. But if you’re a top-tier cultivation company, growing marijuana in the open is a huge risk.

Think about how much cultivation companies have invested in the grow operations that supply the billion-dollar legal cannabis market every year. Now imagine that the federal government could at any time — because it can — shut down a company’s cannabis production. Remember, marijuana is still illegal federally in the United States.

As a result, companies that grow marijuana legally almost always choose to grow their product indoors, out of the sight of Uncle Sam.

And the same is true in Canada. Companies there can legally grow medical cannabis, but until recently, recreational marijuana was illegal. Tantalus Labs is located in British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada, just north of Washington state in the U.S.

True to its nickname as the Tesla of cannabis, Tantalus Labs has developed a greenhouse that provides the best of outdoor cannabis cultivation with the security of an indoor operation.

The greenhouse format allows natural sunlight to stream in, making the company’s cannabis crop grow fuller flowers faster. Since the greenhouse uses no artificial lighting, the company has a low-energy footprint and saves big on cost overhead for electricity.

More importantly, however, they can grow rich, green plants with dense, healthy buds that exceed Canada’s pharmacological standard for medical-grade cannabis.

Tantalus Labs’ cannabis greenhouse facility also uses a rainwater collection system on the 120,000-square-feet of roof covering the facility. A water recapture system collects BC’s abundant rainfall, filters it, feeds it natural fertilizers, and pumps it through an irrigation system.

A Natural Strategy

This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis

Founder and managing director Dan Sutton described Tantalus’ strategy as building off of both the core concepts of the agriculture industry and mother nature herself:

Nature has done an excellent job of cultivating plants for the last billions of years. The closest we get to a natural strategy, the more effective we are.

But Sutton also understands the role of technology in optimizing a natural strategy. That’s why they’re pioneering the indoor cultivation of sun-grown cannabis with high-tech, specialized greenhouse systems.

The company knows that underground “bunker-basement” cannabis cultivators consume nearly one percent of all the energy in North America. Sutton calls this “an unspoken and unnecessary drain on the grid,” and he wants Tantalus Labs to change this. No wonder investors have dubbed his company the Tesla of cannabis.

The Tesla of Cannabis Is Out To Revolutionize Cannabis Cultivation

This Cultivation Company Has Been Dubbed the Tesla of Cannabis

In Greek Mythology, Tantalus was a king and a son of Zeus. For his crimes, he was condemned to remain in chin-deep water with fruit-laden branches over his head, while being unable to reach either. His name is the origin of the word “tantalize.”

But a “Tantalus” is also a kind of cabinet for decanters of liquor that can be locked up while staying visible. It’s possible Tantalus Labs draws from both meanings in its mission of environmental sustainability.

Indeed, Tantalus Labs’ custom-built cannabis greenhouse keeps their crop safely indoors but still “visible” the sun’s nurturing rays. In plain sight, but out of reach to the feds, this “Tesla of cannabis” is blazing trails toward a brighter, sunlit future of cannabis cultivation. U.S. companies should pay attention to what Tantalus is up to.

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