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The Game Is Launching A Line of THC Lemonade

The Game Is Launching A Line of THC Lemonades


The Game Is Launching A Line of THC Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you make THC-infused lemonade. Residents of California and Washington will soon be able to get their hands on The Game’s new line of G Drinks, lemonades with a THC kick.

The Game has given us so many gifts, whether it’s Instagram dick pics or music. Now he’s bringing the world a line of Game-approved pot edibles.

Or more like drinkables. The lemonades come in three flavors: classic, pink, and strawberry. The Game is said to have helped craft the products around his own personal tastes.

G Drinks THC Infused lemonades from The Game and G FarmaBrands

THC-infused lemonade from G FarmaBrands.

Working with G FarmaBrands, each of the Game’s new drinks will feature G FarmaBrands’ Liquid Gold cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil takes the concept of a juice cleanse to a whole new level.

Serving as the perfect accompaniment to the refreshing and uplifting tastes of G Drinks, The Game is also launching six types of “G Stiks.”


The Game also has six types of “G Stiks” rolling out soon.

These G Stiks are pre-rolled cones of dank cannabis, ideal if you’ve had too many THC lemonades and feel too lazy to roll your own. 

And even though The Game’s legal troubles continue to mount, the Compton, California rapper refuses to let up and allow anything to affect his business endeavors.


Pre-rolled cones of dank cannabis called G Stiks.

The former Aftermath Entertainment artist has partnered with G FarmaBrands. They’re a California-based company that specializes in cannabis-based products for medical and adult use. They currently serve more than 700 cannabis dispensaries in California.

“As an award-winning recording artist, star and icon, The Game embodies the true spirit of the marijuana culture,” Ata Gonzalez, founder of G FarmaBrands, said in a press release. “He understands the plant and is a firm believer in us as a company and our dedication to setting the industry standard through quality and innovation.”


Indica “G Stiks” is one of 6 flavors coming out.

“These guys are the pioneers of innovation in the cannabis industry,” The Game said of G FarmaBrands. “I’m excited to help raise awareness for G Stiks and G Drinks in all territories that we are available.”

The Game isn’t the only rapper to have immersed himself in the legal cannabis industry this year. Last month that both Method Man and Redman were close to securing a deal with marijuana dispensary finder, Blaze Now.

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