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Weed Bouquets: Nothing Says “I Love You” More

Weed Bouquets


Weed Bouquets: Nothing Says “I Love You” More

Looking for marijuana bouquets?

What’s better than a dozen roses sweetly delivered to you? For one Colorado florist, the answer is including large fragrant cannabis buds in your weed bouquets. A pot-friendly florist named Bec Koop is blazing new trails by offering bunches of flowers that come with large, stinky weed flowers mixed in.

“I’m not the black sheep, I’m the green sheep of the industry,” says Bec Koop. She happens to be the owner of Buds & Blossoms, Colorado’s only dedicated marijuana florist.

Koop first got into traditional floristry in 2011, before recreational weed became legal in Colorado. But she started including extra greenery last January when recreational use was legalized in the state.

How the weed bouquets started

Weed Bouquets

Her eureka moment came when she was at home pruning some of her own carefully cultivated cannabis plants. She had some surplus flowers lying around from an event the weekend before, and on a whim, decided to put them together into a flower arrangement.

“I realized, Oh, my gosh, this is a whole new wedding tradition,” Koop realized. “I need to make this happen.”

Koop’s cannabis bouquets became an immediate hit among people working within the marijuana industry. She attributes her almost overnight success to her deep familiarity with pot and what attracts people to the plant.

Still, she acknowledges a certain stigma remains among the general public. “Some people joke and say, ‘Don’t piss off grandma,’There are other florists that offer,” she says. However, Koop’s cannabis flower arrangements are quickly becoming more accepted, along witOther florists offer the service, but Buds & Blossoms deals exclusively with pot. (Koop also runs a cannabis-themed wedding planning business.)

To get a bouquet made, a buyer needs to go to a marijuana dispensary, buy the buds and bring them to her with the receipt. She then incorporates them into a bunch of flowers or a corsage.

Are weed bouquets legal?

Weed Bouquets

Instead of being restrictive regarding the marijuana available, asking customers to supply their marijuana helps Koop tailor the arrangements to their specific needs. This is helpful when it comes to events where consumers might prefer a particular strain.

“Say it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s meant to be a romantic bouquet. It might be something that is more of an arousing strain that brings a little more heat to the bedroom,” Koop says. “There are many different options.”

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