Weed outsold Dasani, Pringles and Oreo’s Combined in US in 2015

Legal marijuana is making some huge economic splashes, raking in billions of dollars in annual sales and weed outsold some of the U.S.’s biggest food companies.

Last year, the legal cannabis industry brought in right around $5.4 billion nationwide. Edibles accounted for nearly half of all marijuana sales.

And those numbers are expected to skyrocket over the next few years. We’re only a quarter of the way into 2016, but the cannabis market is putting up some big time numbers.

Experts predict that the cannabis sector could swell to over $22 billion by 2020. Along the way, it’s expected that cannabis companies will grow by 300%.

It seems like the cannabis industry is here to stay.

To give you a better sense for just how big this market is becoming, take a look at some of the well-known food companies marijuana is now outselling:

Dasani: This massive bottled water company brought in just over a billion dollars in sales. That’s a lot of money, but it still pales in comparison to marijuana’s numbers.

DiGiorno: Americans love pizza enough to spend $975 million on it. But apparently they love marijuana a whole lot more.

Girl Scout Cookies: What’s more classic than buying a box of Girl Scout Cookies? Buying an eighth of marijuana apparently.

Americans spent $776 million on Girl Scout Cookies, a drop in the bucket compared to the multiple billions they spent on legal weed.

Oreos: It wouldn’t be surprising if a lot of people stopped off to grab a box of Oreos after stocking up on some bud at their local dispensary. The cookie company made just over $711 million in sales.

Blue Bell: Ice cream is many pot users’ go-to munchies snack. In total, Americans bought $570 million worth of ice cream, only a fraction of what they spent on marijuana.

Pringles: The company that makes everyone’s favorite cylinder-encased chips made $514 million in sales.

Blue Diamond: The maker of all things nuts saw healthy sales numbers just north of $400 million. But that wasn’t nearly enough to keep up with the pace of the marijuana market.

Nabisco Wheat Thins: With just over $340 million in sales, there were a lot of people munching on crackers. There were apparently quite a few more people munching on cannabis edibles.

Twizzlers: Candy eaters spent just over $203 million on Twizzlers. That’s less than 10% the amount Americans spent on marijuana edibles last year.

(Photo Credit: Favim)

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