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Weed Subscription Boxes Are The Future Of Cannabis

Weed Subscription Boxes Are The Future Of Cannabis


Weed Subscription Boxes Are The Future Of Cannabis

The best monthly weed subscription boxes

We’re all about the instant thrill these days, which includes our online ordering purchases. Whether it comes to ordering food, ordering clothes, or in this case order weed; we want it convenient, and we want it now. So are monthly weed subscription boxes the new way to get our weed?

Monthly weed subscription boxes containing medical marijuana are perfect for the someone who doesn’t want any hassle or doesn’t have much free time.


The marijuana subscription box from Potbox offers the buyer monthly medical cannabis in a box filled with strains of your choice. The box is complete with a half ounce of your choice of sativa or indica marijuana, and two wax sealed pre- rolled joints.

Potbox is currently only offered in California but is set to “eastward” expand over the next year. If you’re just looking for cannabis gear, then there are many options. The best marijuana paraphernalia and fun are just a quick order away.


Weed Subscription Boxes Are The Future Of Cannabis

Weed subscription boxes like Pufferbox are becoming a stoners new best friend. Not only are they incredibly convenient, but they’re also extremely affordable. Being the hippest stoner hippie isn’t that hard when you are up to date with the latest products.

Pufferbox offers even more deals and cannabis novelties for even the coolest of marijuana smokers. Pufferbox offers boxes for cheap while still getting great weed stuff. Pufferbox is filled with six different items to help the smoking experience and to make it a unique experience every damn time.

The Happy Crate

The Happy Crate tailors to the need of the individual smoker, where you get to pick what you want and what you get each month. Each box comes filled with a smoking game, a new pipe, snacks for the munchies, and more knick-knacks tailored for your smoking needs.

One of the last featured boxes for The Happy Crate was a 5″ bubbler pipe, a 420 handbook, and sweet potato tortilla chips. It’s like cannabis subscription gold.

Complete with pipe cleaners, mini pipes, and full blown bongs, Pufferbox offers the best and unique variety. This box also provides cannabis flavored lollipops and candy, which is the perfect after smoke treat.

Even though these weed subscription boxes of gear are cool, their influence on the marijuana industry is even better.

As more states and countries legalize medicinal marijuana and cannabis, these boxes are starting to be filled with actual grass instead of just weed accessories.

Those who are terminally ill or suffering from mental illness will benefit from the monthly access to their medical marijuana. These boxes also allow for another level of privacy when people are ordering cannabis for mental illness.

Marijuana subscription boxes could be the very future of the cannabis industry, even though today these boxes are only filled with gear.

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