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Here’s What You Need To Know To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry

Here's What You Need To Know To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry


Here’s What You Need To Know To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry

How to get a job in the cannabis industry

The legal cannabis industry is more than just selling a top-quality product to eager customers. In fact, it’s an incredibly diverse economic landscape. The legal cannabis industry is exploding. Profit projections point to some $22 billion dollars in sales revenue by 2020 alone. With that kind of cash at stake, it only makes sense that the industry would grow to incorporate many different parts.

From seed-harvester to budtender, there are dozens of jobs in the cannabis industry. And with all of that opportunity comes the potential for serious job-creation. Indeed, legal recreational weed just passed in 4 more states. This means 20 percent of all adults 21 and up live in states with legal cannabis. So now, more and more people are asking, what is required to get a job in the cannabis industry?

The Top Requirement: Do Your Homework

Here's What You Need To Know To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry

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Find the job that’s right for you. Maybe your cooking talents would make you an ideal edibles creator or concentrates processor. Perhaps your people skills would make you the perfect retail shop owner, budtender, or consultant.

Even your love for fitness could propel you to the top ranks of courier delivery services or security. Or your business skills and negotiating prowess would make you a successful company administrator.

Or maybe you’re just excellent at smoking weed. Doesn’t being a professional cannabis reviewer sound like the perfect job? Indeed, any of these positions within the cannabis industry are possible. You just need to do your homework to find the best fit for you.

Cannabis companies are popping up like crazy. It’s going to take something special to make a business stand out, whichever part of the industry it works in. However, that doesn’t mean each company doesn’t have a unique mission.

Since you want to be the best candidate for the job, you want to make sure you know and are totally behind the mission of the company you apply to. Make sure you can truly stand behind and be proud of the company’s mission.

Know Your Craft

Finally, make sure you know your craft and have a personal attachment to it, no matter what you want to do in the cannabis industry.

This is the most basic answer to what’s required to get a job in cannabis: know the product! Indeed, getting to know the product is a serious task. There are new strains and trends, like dabbing, surfacing all the time.

Make sure you know those trends and strains. And get to know the top companies and innovators in the cannabis industry. Work on your ability to connect with people on a personal level. Ultimately, you want to deliver an experience, not just a product.

Legal Requirements to Work in Cannabis Industry

Here's What You Need To Know To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry

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Another question potential pot employees might have about what is required to get a job in the cannabis industry is this: are there any special licenses or certifications needed?

In general, the answer is pretty simple. If you’re an of-age adult who can legally consume cannabis in your state, you’re eligible for employment in the recreational cannabis industry.

However, in some states where only medical cannabis is legal, employees need special medical cannabis licenses and certifications.

Additionally, cannabis farms, growers, and retail locations all have to meet regulations put in place by the laws legalizing the production, sale, and consumption of cannabis in that state. But when it comes to hiring employees, these businesses can generally hire anyone who’s of legal age.

Don’t Be Duped By “Budtender Certification Companies”

Many people researching how to get a job in the cannabis industry might happen across companies offering “budtender certification.” Some of these may be legit. But many have curriculums that don’t adequately prepare you for the real world of working in cannabis. Avoid these companies.

Adam Drury

Adam is a staff writer for Green Rush Daily who hails from Corvallis, Oregon. He’s an artist, musician, and higher educator with deep roots in the cannabis community. His degrees in literature and psychology drive his interest in the therapeutic use of cannabis for mind and body wellness.

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