Afghan Kush Strain Review And Information

Afghan Kush has a special aura. This strain originates in the Hindu Kush Mountains. It's a heavy-hitting Indica, known for producing resin-rich buds.

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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush has a special aura. When you smoke it, you feel like you’re really tapping into something ancient and powerful. This strain originates in the Hindu Kush Mountains, which stretch between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s a heavy-hitting Indica, known for producing resin-rich buds. That’s why it’s often used to make some of the world’s best hash.


Most Afghan Kush buds have an average of 13.5% THC. The most potent ones test at 17%. To give you a sense of context, most other Indica strains average right around 12.5% THC.


The slightly higher than average THC content of this strain helps produce some powerful highs. And since it’s an almost pure Indica, expect to feel this one deep in your body.

The first time you get your hands on some Afghan Kush, you might want to go slow. A few puffs in and you’ll start feeling a potent high settle into your body.

A deep sense of calm relaxation will be complemented by a pleasant sense of happy euphoria. If you keep going, you’ll probably end up super sleepy. Maybe even completely couch locked.

Scent & Flavor

This strain has that classic scent and flavor profile you expect from a kush strain. Earthy, woody, with some light and fragrant notes, almost like sandalwood.

The earthy scent and flavors of this strain add to the deeply relaxing and meditative effects it produces. From start to finish, Afghan Kush is a powerful cannabis experience.

Negative Effects

Some users get dizzy after using Afghan Kush. Others may experience headaches or end up feeling uncomfortably paranoid or anxious.

Used For

This is a nighttime strain. That’s because a sesh with Afghan Kush will leave you too sedated and lethargic to do anything afterward.

This strain is a great choice for nights after a long day, when you’re looking to decompress a bit. It can also be good for lazy nights hanging out with friends.

The heavy body highs produced by this strain make it a good candidate for a bunch of medical uses. Many patients have success using it to treat insomnia and to help manage chronic aches and pains. It can also help improve appetite and calm nausea.


Afghan Kush is one of those classic strains. Like the Hindu Kush strain, it originated in the Hindu Kush Mountains but has since spread to pretty much every part of the weed-smoking world. Today, cannabis seed companies make the strain available to amateur and professional growers.


This is a good strain for growers of all experience levels. Since it originally comes from mountainous terrain, Afghan Kush plants are pretty tough. They’re fairly mold and disease resistant, and they can withstand some different environments.

You can grow this strain either indoors or outdoors. Expect your plants to grow horizontally rather than vertically. They’ll probably be wide and full, rather than tall and lanky.

When buds show up, expect them to be coated with an impressive layer of resin. Not only does that mean that your buds will have a lot of THC, but it also means that even a small harvest will still produce some high-quality flowers.

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