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Alien OG Strain Information

Alien OG Strain Information


Alien OG Strain Information

Alien OG

People who claim to have been abducted by aliens all describe similar sensations. Extreme body sensitivity, hearing voices and lying back completely unable to function. If you’re looking to recreate that experience for yourself in the comfort of your home–without all the probes–look no further than Alien OG.

Alien OG will leave you feeling abducted. An astonishing THC content of 28% has earned this OG strain the reputation of California’s top-dog OG.

It looks sexy, and you’ll feel sexy on it. This strain is an excellent hook-up weed. It’ll elevate your senses, titillate your body, and make your whole self-vibrate with erotic energy if the mood is right.

The strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with legendary West Coast genetics.

Tahoe OG, a perfect rainy-day Kush with a creeping sativa-kick, gives Alien OG its concentrated injection of THC cannabinoids.

Alien’s other half, Alien Kush, provides for the tripped-out psychedelic effects of its offspring. It’s also thanks to the Alien parent that Alien OG has such delicious piney aromas and tastes.

It doesn’t get more top-shelf that this: ultra-high THC, excellent medical benefits thanks to high amounts of CBD and CBG cannabinoids. Alien OG is an ideal strain for lifting users out of depression, laying them to sleep at night, and obliterating pain.

The buds are beautiful to behold, as one would expect from the glamorous California strain. Dark green and white, with nugs that take the shape of almond, Alien OG also looks like classic extraterrestrial invaders.

Or maybe the flowers are more reminiscent of the Milky Way Galaxy. You’ll feel like you’re riding a comet through outer space when you light up.

But take it slow with this strain. It burns heavy and wet, requiring smokers to torch the buds a bit longer than usual.

Better yet, keep Alien OG away from anyone who hasn’t figured out their cannabis limits. Novice and beginner users should wait until they’ve mastered the basics before embarking on the high it can provide.

Growers are in for a bit of a challenge, too. There are not many places to get feminized seeds of Alien OG.

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