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Alien Technology Strain Information

Alien Technology Strain Information


Alien Technology Strain Information

Alien Technology is a pure indica strain with higher THC levels than most other indica strains. Alien Technology averages 13%, but can climb as high as 19%.

Alien Technology


In many ways, Alien Technology lives up to its weird name. That’s because it’s kind of a mystery. It’s almost as if this amazing strain just dropped down out of the sky from some sort of benevolent weed aliens. It can sometimes be hard to find, but it’s worth hunting around for. Alien Technology gives users a delicious and sensual smoking experience followed up by a long-lasting and pleasurable high.


Alien Technology is a pure indica with slightly higher THC levels than most other indica strains. On average indica strains come in at right around 12.5% THC. But Alien Tech averages 13%, but can climb as high as 19%.


The slightly greater than average THC content of Alien Technology has helped it gain the reputation for giving users pretty serious highs. After a few good puffs on some Alien Tech, most smokers will begin feeling a pleasant combination of sleepiness, euphoria, and relaxation. The high will probably last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Lightweight smokers will only need a puff or two, but even more experienced smokers will get a killer high after a handful of deep drags.

Smell & Flavor

One of the best aspects of Alien Technology. This strain has a unique scent that is both spicy and earthy, sometimes smelling a bit like sweet cedar. That scent echoes in its rich, earthy, and spicy taste.

Side Effects

Some users may find themselves feeling so relaxed they become very sleepy; which can sometimes be a good thing. Beyond that, the only predominant side effect of Alien Tech is some seriously dry eyes.

The Best Way To Use It

Alien Tech is a relatively versatile indica. Since it tends to deliver a powerful body high tempered by some pleasant cerebral effects, it’s a good choice for mellow social settings. It’s also perfect for taking the edge off after a long day or for lazy days off.

Alien Tech also has a bunch of medicinal properties. Use it to relieve joint pain and to battle insomnia. For some, it can also help reduce anxiety, depression, and can help to improve appetite.

Where It Came From

Nobody really knows for sure where this strain originates. But the standard story is that it was carried back to the US by an unknown soldier after spending some time in Afghanistan. From there, the rumor is that seed breeder OBSoul33t got a hold of some seeds and started cultivating the mysterious strain.


Alien Technology grows well indoors and outdoors. For indoor grows, it’ll be producing buds in 8-9 weeks. And outside, it should be ready by late September. Alien Tech buds are usually covered in orange and brown pistils. And when they’re ready to harvest they’ll be covered in so many milky trichomes that the flowers will start looking soft and fluffy.

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