10 Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

The best weed strains for anxiety should help you treat your symptoms whenever and however they appear.

This list of the best weed strains for anxiety isn’t about the strains that can cause it. Instead, our focus is on the strains that can help reduce it. Cannabis has a bad reputation as a treatment for anxiety and mood disorders. And while it’s true that weed can cause anxious responses, it’s also true that it can calm and relax the mind and body. As evidence, here are the best strains for anxiety.

Here’s How Cannabis Treats Anxiety

Anxiety is a wide-ranging mood disorder that impacts the lives of millions of people. But that means it affects each person differently. While some experience anxiety as a mostly mental phenomenon, others feel it as panic throughout the body. Sometimes it’s both.

Cannabis can be an effective remedy for anxiety. Unfortunately, though, misinformation and misunderstanding persist about this topic.

For the average recreational user, getting high can produce some anxious feelings. Usually, these are no big deal. Some, however, experience acute anxiety and paranoia. As a result, many people find that weed makes things worse.

However, it’s not cannabis itself. The THC is to blame. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes users high. And part of that experience is stimulating the “fight or flight” response.

CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, acts as a counterweight to THC. It doesn’t stimulate the parts of the brain that can cause anxiousness. In fact, studies which focus on CBD have found that the chemical is an effective treatment for anxiety, PTSD, and other mood disorders.

The research brings us to the following conclusion: The best weed strains for anxiety are strains with low to mid THC levels, and mid to high CBD levels. Additionally, cannabis users who self-medicate report positive results with strains that have a harmonious balance of THC and CBD.

10. Purple Urkle (Indica)

Legendary and popular in its own right, Purple Urkle built its legacy on its ancestor, Granddaddy Purple. Both strains have relatively high CBD content for a THC-dominant variety. But the key difference between Purple Urkle and GDP is its psychoactivity.

Urkle has lower THC, hovering around 10 percent. With all the wonderful flavors and scents of the ‘Purp, this is a calming, balanced indica.


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