Blue Diesel Marijuana Strain Review And Information

Blue Diesel is a potent indica dominant hybrid, and while most indicas have 12.5% THC, this one comes in anywhere between 17% and 23%.

Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel, sometimes called Blue City Diesel, is the golden child of Blueberry and NYC Diesel. And it brings out the best of them both.

This strain will give you a fast-acting, super pleasant high. And since it won’t leave you feeling stupid, spaced out, or couch locked it just might be the perfect daytime bud.


Blue Diesel tends to be a pretty potent strain. It’s an Indica dominant hybrid, and while most Indicas have 12.5% THC, this one comes in anywhere between 17% and 23%.


This is where Blue Diesel shines. In many ways, it produces the perfect daytime high. It’s a 60% Indica dominant strain. And that works out pretty well.

Since it’s not too heavy on the Sativa side of things, Blue Diesel won’t leave you too spaced out. And since it also doesn’t get too carried away with its Indica traits, it also won’t leave you couch locked.

When you puff Blue Diesel, expect a smooth, pleasant experience. You’ll feel relaxed, mellow, happy, and euphoric. These effects will set in quickly and will last for at least a couple of hours.

Scent & Flavor

When it comes to this strain’s scent and taste, it’s all in the family tree. Blue Diesel delivers an excellent blend of both its parents.

Sweet blueberry notes are balanced with an undercurrent of diesel. The buds are aromatic and fun to break apart. And the smoke is generally smooth and tasty.

Negative Effects

Some users end up feeling anxious or paranoid after using Blue Diesel. And sometimes it can give people headaches. But for the most part, the only negatives you can expect are the usual symptoms of cotton mouth and red eyes.

Used For

For recreational use, this is a great daytime strain. It’s also a good choice for a little wake and bake. Since you’ll be relaxed and happy, but not too zoned out, it can be used when you still have work to do. It’s also good for casual hangouts and social settings.

Blue Diesel also has some powerful medicinal effects. Its’ best for dealing with stress and depression. But it can also be used for mild aches and pains.


By now, you already know where this one came from. The Blueberry side of the family tree gives Blue Diesel its Indica traits. And NYC Diesel balances everything out by pitching in those cerebral Sativa characteristics.


This strain usually grows fairly well. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors. Plants will grow anywhere from four to six feet tall and will start flowering around the 60-day mark.

When flowers appear, they might take on some breathtaking shades of bluish-purple. Orange hairs accent this color. Blue Diesel usually produces a lot of buds, so have fun.

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