Berry White Strain Review and Information

Meet Berry White: Legendary Strain

Berry White is a strain of many names. Whether you’re calling it Blue Widow, White Berry, or Barry White, the high from this will keep you coming back. Much like the legendary Barry White, this cannabis strain originated from two extremely popular strains whose names created as a result fits not only as a piece of both parent strains but also as an homage to a legendary icon.


Typically with Berry White, you’ll find a pretty solid potency for an Indica-dominant strain. With Indica typically ringing in at around 10-13%, you’ll find Berry White with a consistent 16% THC.

Like with many other strains, be sure to have an idea of the THC percentage in the bud that you’re smoking. Berry White can reach up to 25% THC in some yields, and smoking that, in comparison to a 16% yield could turn out extremely unexpected.


While this strain is slightly higher on the Indica side, the sativa effects are very evident. Huge boosts in creativity, positive mood, and uplifted spirits are all common with this strain.

Generally, smaller amounts of this strain will give you those more Sativa-heavy feelings. However, larger quantities of Berry White brings a strong body high. With this stronger body high also brings more relaxation.

Scent & Flavor

The scent of these buds is pleasant, pretty evenly balanced between notes of earthy pine and sweet berry. Flavors mirror the scents, however, the overwhelming sweet berry notes so indicative of the Blueberry strain is very present. Some people even compare the taste of this bud to a blueberry cake, with enough breadiness coming from the White Widow that it often does have a very similar flavor profile.

What sets this apart from is genetic lineage is that with the pairing from White Widow, the blueberry notes aren’t overwhelming. Those famous sour almost ammoniated smells from White Widow that pair with its earthy pine base dilutes enough to give Berry White a fantastic balance of aromas and flavors.

Negative Effects

Berry White’s negative effects are very common and include the usual dry mouth and itchy eyes, as well as reported bouts of anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia.

This strain’s lack of many negative side effects makes it another great strain for more casual smokers. Intense cotton mouth and bloodshot itchy eyes are a turn-off for many, but the effects from Berry White are more subtle and easy to ignore.

Used For

While Berry White is used for treating muscle spasms and nervous ticks, it’s mostly used for more common issues. These have included mental illnesses such as anxiety and stress, as well as physical ailments like migraines and nausea.

In more extreme cases, the genetic makeup of Berry White finds use in treating conditions such as ADD/ADHD as well as Bipolar Disorder.


This hybrid is an Indica-dominant cross between Blueberry and White Widow. The history is cloudy, although it’s widely known that the Blueberry strain originated from the labs of DJ Short. This fact left no doubt that part of this strain’s origin was promising.

As mentioned above, both the parent strains of Berry White were hugely popular during their individual release. It was no surprise that when Berry White came on to the scene that it became hugely popular as well.


When growing Berry White, flowering is usually expected between 7-8 weeks. The yield is strong and able to produce between 400-500 grams per square meter.

Whether you plant it indoors or outside, it should flourish. It is an easy plant to trim as it has a great calyx to leaf ratio. In addition to this, the buds are dense and have a popcorn shape. This strain also has plenty of thick crystal trichomes and an overall dark olive green color.

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