Jack Herer Strain Review And Information

Jack Herer strain does really well grown outdoors in a warm and dry climate. You can expect flowers to show up somewhere around the 60-day mark.

Jack Herer Strain


Named for famous cannabis activist and author Jack Herer, this strain delivers a one of a kind high. The euphoric and uplifted sense of well being this strain gives users is a perfect celebration of its activist namesake.


Jack Herer buds average 17% THC, but they can test as high as 24% THC. Although these THC levels aren’t anything insane, they’re enough to place Jack Herer on the most potent end of the spectrum.


Jack Herer is all about feeling good. A sesh with Jack will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, euphoric, focused, and maybe even a little bit energized and creative. Sadness and unhappiness will melt away as you drift into the blissful haven this strain creates.

Scent & Flavor

Jack Herer flowers have a comforting and homey smell of earth and wood. The taste of the smoke is equally comforting. It reminds some users of pine trees but with slightly sweet undertones.

Negative Effects

When users experience adverse effects, they’re usually associated with the cerebral highs this strain produces. Some people can end up feeling anxious, paranoid, or dizzy after consuming Jack Herer.

Used For

The super blissful and uplifting head highs produced by this strain make it great for social settings or for times when you need to focus on some creative work.  You can use this one pretty much any time you want to, morning, day, afternoon, evening, or night. For some users, Jack Herer can give them the energizing boost they need to tackle big projects.

For medical uses, it can be perfect for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Some users also get a light body high from this strain that helps them deal with mild aches and pains. Others have had success using Jack Herer to treat nausea, eating disorders, and other stomach or digestive problems.


This strain was created in the Netherlands back in the mid-1990s. Breeders produced this strain when they crossed a Haze hybrid with Northern Lights #5 and some skunk strain. The result of this genetic cocktail is a plant that produces lots of powerful resin, and that delivers a mood elevating high.


Jack Herer does well grown outdoors in a warm and dry climate. You can expect flowers to show up somewhere around the 60-day mark. And when they do appear, you’ll be excited when you see this strain’s heavy trichome production. For maximum potency, harvest when the trichomes are all milky white.

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