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MayDay Express Strain Information

MayDay Express Strain Information


MayDay Express Strain Information

MayDay Express

In a nod to today’s ancient celebration of rebirth and human potential, check out a strain that’s perfect for rapid indoor growing: MayDay Express. When it comes to cannabis strain reviews, the tendency is to focus on the dankest, strongest, stickiest, or otherwise most potent strains. But not every marijuana user is looking for a mind-blowing, comet-riding high.

So what about strains for light – and light-weight! – cannabis users? That’s the beauty of MayDay Express. Fast-growing and lighter on the effects, MayDay is one of those perfect strains for a subtle pick-me-up. We recommend this strain for non-heavy users.

A product of intelligent genetics MayDay Express is a feminized “auto-flowering” strain of bud developed by the cannabis breeder Positronic Seeds.

MayDay has some interesting genetics. It’s a hybrid of two strains. The first is Lowryder #2, which is technically a hybrid but whose parents are the dope indicas Northern Lights and Willy’s Wonder. The second is Misty Kush, another favorite indica with a White Widow parent.

The result is a very compact cannabis plant that looks like a small fir tree. Its small stature is what makes it durable and easy to grow. Leaves remain green and healthy without much extra care.

With all those indicas swirling around in MayDay’s genetics, one might expect a knockout punch. But MayDay has a medium THC content that hovers around 10-11%, and CBD is very low from 0-1%.

So MayDay isn’t a good choice for medical patients, but the mild euphoric effect is perfect for a light buzz throughout the day. This high won’t interfere with work or other plans, except to make you enjoy both a bit more.

MayDay Express is unique for its flavor profile. Usually, but not always, citrusy notes are reserved for brighter sativas, but for this strain users should look forward to an incredible and unusual combination of cinnamon and lemon flavors.

The flowers burn with a fluffy yet pungent aroma that brings out the citrus fruit elements. Smokers describe the cannabis’ taste as “lemony” and “fruity” with a sharp cinnamon aftertaste. The more healthy the particular plant, the sharper, and crisper the buds will taste.

All in all, MayDay Express will easily satisfy the demands of the light to moderate cannabis smoker. A heady, cerebral, but mild high with excellent flavor gives way to soft euphoria and maybe a few giggles.

When MayDay Express is through with you, you’ll return to an excellent baseline without any cloudy or sleepy feelings. What’s not to love?

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