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Sour Kush Strain Information

Sour Kush Strain Information


Sour Kush Strain Information

Sour Kush

The pungent hybrid would be perfect for a party. With its heady aroma penetrating the atmosphere, and its slower, longer-lasting effects, Sour Kush is ideal for occasions where you want to interact socially and positively with people around you. And, interestingly, Sour Kush is gaining a reputation for enhancing the experience of listening to music.

Many users report a comfortable, no-anxiety high after smoking Sour Kush. These gentle and pleasing effects lasted for whole duration of this strains long buzz: about 1.5 to 2 hours on average. Throughout the range of the buzz, users are positive, uplifted, and giggly, but not to the point of totally geeking out.

The genetics of this strain make for some fairly wide-ranging final results. Crossing a Sour Diesel with an OG Kush, Sour Kush is a kind of battleground to see which phenotype will gain the upper-hand.

Some types of Sour Kush suppress the Diesel elements entire, leading to a sweeter, less pungent flower. Others rev up the Diesel engine, causing the buds to reek of gasoline.

The slightly off-balance cross of a sativa (Diesel) and an indica-dominant hybrid (OG Kush) means users of Sour Kush are always in for a bit of a surprise, but not one that will disappoint.

One user described the effects of this strain as providing mental clarity. Others, reported shutting down with a crash or with a feeling lazy, which isn’t a bad thing if that’s what the user desires.

Ideally, Sour Kush is a hybrid that helps you remain incredibly functional while still having that narcotic, pain-numbing effect of a great OG. When it hits that ideal hybrid balance, it’s a winning combination for day-to-day use or for treating mild pain.

It’s fair to say that Sour Kush isn’t the mightiest of cannabis strains out there, but sometimes mild and functional is what people are looking for, especially medical patients who are less interested in getting super-stoned.

The high of Sour Kush is in a way completely medicinal and not too over-powering. Although you might have to fight to hold back laughter in serious situations.

(Photo Credit: Swamis420)

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