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Stardawg Strain Review and Information

Stardawg Strain Review and Information


Stardawg Strain Review and Information

Stardawg Strain


Stardawg is a powerful hybrid strain that’s 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Since it’s a Sativa dominant strain, it produces heavy head highs. Depending on how you use it, Stardawg can be the perfect choice for helping you be a bit more productive, for inspiring a little creativity, and even for producing some out of body, trippy sensations.


While most Sativa strains are around 12.5% THC, Stardawg buds average 16% THC and can climb as high as 22%. The higher than average THC levels play a vital role in the kinds of effects Stardawg produces.


The strongest effects of Stardawg tend to be centered in your head. A few light puffs will leave you feeling focused, energized, and ready to get things done. A heavier dose will produce deep feelings of euphoria and relaxation. And if you’re really getting into it, you may even start experiencing some out of body, trippy sensations. Some users describe the cerebral trips produced by Stardawg as something like a spiritual journey like the ones induced by psychedelic drugs like LSD or mushrooms.

The Indica side of Stardawg also produces some light body highs that can leave you feeling pleasantly relaxed and calm.

Scent & Flavor

Stardawg has a pretty serious scent and flavor profile. It smells strongly of diesel, skunk, and an earthy blend of chemicals. Most of those scents carry over into the flavor of the smoke, which is thick and heavy.

For rookies, the smell and thick taste might be a little much. But serious cannasseurs with an acquired taste for the heavier scents and flavors of cannabis will probably find this strain both fun and exciting.Stardawg Strain Review and Information

Adverse Effects

If you’re new to cannabis, you might locate the head highs produced by this strain to be a little too intense. If this is the case, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortably anxious or paranoid. But if you’re good with a fairly intense cerebral experience, you can expect the usual cotton mouth and dry eyes.


In light doses, Stardawg is an excellent choice for a wake and bake, as it will help you feel focused, energized, and creative. It’s also good for social settings. And if you’re looking to go sky high and spend a little time in outer space, you’ll want to hit this strain hard.

Medical patients dealing with stress, anxiety, certain types of pain, and digestive orders have had success using Stardawg. So have folks dealing with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. But for other medical conditions it might be a good idea to look for a strain that’s more on the Indica side of things, since those strains will produce effects more centered on the body.


Stardawg comes to us from the cannabis hotbed of California’s Bay Area. It’s the child of Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg.


You can successfully grow Stardawg indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. You can expect flowers to start setting in around eight weeks. You should also look for pretty big harvests.

As your plants start to mature and put out flowers, get ready for some serious trichome production. Good Stardawg buds should pretty much be covered in a thick coating of sparkly white trichomes. Those shimmering trichomes that look like a starry sky might even be where the strain got its name.

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