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4 Strains To Try Based On Your Zodiac

4 Strains To Try Based On Your Zodiac


4 Strains To Try Based On Your Zodiac

What’s your cannabis zodiac?

Astrological signs or zodiac signs define a person by the date of their birthday and how that date coincides with the universe. But did you ever think that your zodiac sign could define your taste in cannabis? It was written in the stars that you would love these unique strains, so give them a try!


Via THCFinder

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For winter signs, such as Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries, try Chocolope!

This cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannolope Haze, which are both unique strains, is the perfect blend for the winter blues. Specifically for those months where the white snow turns into brown depression, Chocolope will give the smoker an uplifted and happy feel. Some users even say that this strain will give you an optimistic outlook on life, which is needed from January to early March.

Winter depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder is absolutely no joke, meaning Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries babies are in a need of a lift. Chocolope’s main medicinal purpose is to treat depression by triggering the part of the brain that creates moods and feelings.

Summertime Squeeze

Photo GrassCity

Photo GrassCity

For late spring and early summer signs, such as Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, try Summertime Squeeze!

Summertime Squeeze is a hybrid strain that mixes tropical aromas with citrus flavors. The fruity flavors of this strain reflect the summertime and carefree personalities of these three signs. The high itself is rapid and has a positive effect of being uplifted, while energetic.

The moderate level of THC, 14% gives you a relaxing and stress-free feeling, almost like summertime itself.

Laughing Buddha


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For autumn signs, such as Leo, Virgo, and Libras, try Laughing Buddha!

Laughing Buddha is a sativa dominant strain that has ginger aromas and tastes that mimic the colors and spice of Fall. Fall is a time of concentration, hard work, and alertness, which is embodied in Laughing Buddha. The strain promotes energy and mental alertness, while still allowing you to have some fun.

Laughing Buddha is an incredibly accurate name. The high creates a euphoric and giggly affect, which shows that not only is Autumn a time for hard work, but also a time for fun.

Super Skunk


For holiday and winter signs, such as Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, try Super Skunk!

The holiday time of the year represents true fun and party party party time. Why not smoke a cannabis that represents that? Super Skunk is an indica heavy strain that is the best of both worlds, creating a clear headed high, while also making you aware of your surroundings.

Super Skunk has an incredibly sweet taste, while fighting against a lack of appetite. This is perfect for all of those food options at Holiday parties.

Like many of these unique strains, this strain also depletes stress and anxiety, which will come in handy during family holiday parties as well.

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