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The Top 4 Perfect Weekend Strains

The Top 4 Perfect Weekend Strains


The Top 4 Perfect Weekend Strains

Relaxed, happy and a euphoric peak – it’s finally Friday and you’ve set yourself these weekend goals. Whether you’re the active type, getting ready for your weekend warrior bender, or even doing the whole Netflix and chill (and smoke), these are some weekend strains that will most definitely get your weekend going.


Cheese is the perfect place to start!  Internationally known for its distinct taste and feel, this popular strain provides a relaxing high, which allows the user to get rid of all of their weekend stress. This indica dominant strain is a hybrid that gently gives you a sweet and blissful high.

The most distinct attribute of this strain is it’s cheese aroma, which at first can be a little pungent, but turns into a nice earthy aroma. Cheese is one of the weekend strains you should try if you are going to an afternoon movie or a more relaxed venue.

Power Plant 

This strain is a great choice for any smoker who wants a powerful high. The clear headed and cerebral buzz that Power Plant offers is due to it’s extremely high THC content. This high content will give the smoker a focused and energetic high, without the added paranoia or anxiety.

Power Plant, like Cheese, also has an incredibly pungent earthy smell and aroma that is perfect for daytime use. Try this strain if you are going for a hiking adventure with friends or if you all are trying to start a pickup game on a Sunday.


The name definitely speaks for itself with this strain of cannabis. Chronic is a perfectly balance hybrid that gives the smoker both a head high, but also an amazing body buzz. The medicinal use for this strain is to cure anxiety or any depressed thoughts that could have lingered into the mind from a stressful week.

Anxiety during the weekend is unwanted, and can hurt the free time that you might be spending with friends. Chronic is known to deplete anxiety by delaying receptors in the brain that control how we fear. Try this strain if you are going on a trip somewhere new or hanging out with new friends.

Ace of Spades 

Sundays are literally the worst and they require all the relaxation you can manage before the work week hits. Ace of Spades is an indica dominated strain that instantly promotes relaxation and calming effects.

The sweet berry and fruity aroma of this strain are also accompanied by a quick fix for insomnia. Ace of spades is the perfect strain to help you fall into a deep sleep before you have to deal with terrible Monday.

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