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Trainwreck Strain Information and Review

Trainwreck Strain Information and Review


Trainwreck Strain Information and Review


Train wrecks are grizzly scenes: twisted metal, towering flames, complete carnage. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Strangely, though, Trainwreck, the Afghani derived sativa-dominant cannabis strain, is favored among medical patients for its soft strength. Just the opposite of what you might expect from the name.


Trainwreck provides a potent body-melt high in an entirely different sense of the word. Can a strain of weed produce a high that’s mellow and intense at the same time? That seems to be this strains specialty.

Many patients are swearing by the strain. They claim its one of the only marijuana strains they use when they medicate, especially to treat joint pain, muscle stiffness, and soreness.

But Trainwreck is modern medicine for a whole range of indications, ranging from the physical to the psychological.

Medical Uses

Troubled by ADHD, anxiety, stress, or PTSD? Trainwreck can help soothe and relax patients with a deep hitting body euphoria and headiness. Migraines, headaches, aches and pains?

Trainwreck’s potent THC concentration can help increase circulation and ease muscle tension while inhibiting pain receptors.

This is a strain to take seriously as a medicine. It’s a herb that’s used best to heal. Make sure you give yourself time to absorb Trainwreck’s healing energies, though you won’t have much of a choice.

This strain is well-known for inducing almost immediate “couch-lock” effects. The lethargy and laziness mean it’s working!


A cross of Asian strains of potent Afghani indicas and mellow Thai sativas, Trainwreck rounds out its family trees with the earthy pungent aromas of Mexi-sativas.

The blend of indica and sativa, even in this sativa-dominant, make it tough to pin down. The body effects present tell-tale signs of potent indicas. On the other hand, the mellow and euphoric head high lifts spirits like a spritely sativa.

So maybe that’s another take on this strain’s name: like the chaotic commingling of a train wreck that’s more than the sum of its parts, Trainwreck transcends any of the individual parts of its heritage. This is an effective medicine that goes down easy. Lofty pine aromas enshroud a spicy, almost peppery citrus-lemon aftertaste that lingers long after the first puff. Hey, has anyone tried baking with this strain yet?

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