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Cops Seize 50 Pounds of Weed After Watching Drug Deal In Broad Daylight

Cops Seize 50 Pounds of Weed After Watching Drug Deal In Broad Daylight


Cops Seize 50 Pounds of Weed After Watching Drug Deal In Broad Daylight

Doing large drug deals in broad daylight is a great way to get busted.

For two drug dealers in New York, a cold winter morning in a quiet Brooklyn neighborhood seemed like the perfect time and place for a drug deal.

The two men briefly met on the street, stopping only long enough to exchange a few words and a couple suitcases, which happened to be full of weed.

The men got into their cars and went their separate ways.

It was the perfect crime, just like in the movies.

And they would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky police who just happened to watch the whole thing transpire.

NYPD officers on patrol in the neighborhood just happened to be passing by when the transaction took place.

Suspicious of the two vehicles parked next to each other, the officers watched as the two men exchanged suitcases.

After the dealers left in their cars, the officers pulled the vehicles over.  After smelling weed, the officers searched the cars.

They found two briefcases, each containing 20 pounds of weed, and the officers discovered a small stash of cocaine in the console of the car as well.

One of the drivers eventually confessed to the police that he had an apartment in Manhattan that served as a drug den, which led the police to confiscate another 11 pounds of weed and other paraphernalia.

Both men have been arrested on charges of possession of marijuana and one has also been charged with possession of a controlled substance for the cocaine.

Had these guys kept their heads up, perhaps they may have noticed they were being observed.  But who knows, with all the news of marijuana legalization bring weed into the open, maybe these guys thought that no one would mind.

(Photo: NYPD 68th Precinct)

Luke Nelson

Luke is a Green Rush Daily staff writer that graduated from the University of Oregon, he also obtained his Masters of Arts in English Literature. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon and has over a dozen years of experience cultivating cannabis. When it comes to marijuana Luke may just be your father.

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