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Cannabis Houseplants Are The Newest Trend

Tiny Cannabis Houseplants Are The Newest Trend


Cannabis Houseplants Are The Newest Trend

Just picture having your place decorated with tiny little cannabis houseplants.

How to Grow Tiny Cannabis Houseplants

Cannabis Houseplants Could Become The Next Big Thing

Photo: Tumblr

There’s already a small group of cannabis growers who have figured out how to grow tiny little cannabis plants. They do it through a process of pruning the plant’s rootball and stems.

People who know what they’re doing can get strong, healthy, beautiful looking cannabis plants that are only between 4-10 inches tall.

And the best part of all is that they’re fully legit cannabis plants. If their flowering phase is triggered by a decrease in the amount of light they get, a properly grown mini cannabis plant will produce smokeable buds.

These tiny cannabis plants are exactly what a person would need if they wanted to start filling their house with cannabis houseplants.

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