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Fire Chief Claims Cigarette Caused Loudpack Farms Greenhouse Fire

Fire Chief Claims Cigarette Caused Loudpack Farms Greenhouse Fire
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Fire Chief Claims Cigarette Caused Loudpack Farms Greenhouse Fire

Despite the massive setback, Loudpack Farms is already moving forward with cultivating its next crop of award-winning cannabis.

Yesterday, Greenfield, California Fire Chief Jeff Terpstra wrapped up his department’s investigation of a greenhouse fire at the Loudpack Farms cultivation facility. The fire broke out just over two weeks ago, on July 23, consuming several greenhouses and causing $15 million worth of damage.

Luckily, none of the cannabis facility’s 100-plus employees were injured in the blaze—physically at least. But one worker will definitely suffer some wounded pride. Because Chief Terpstra was able to determine the origin of the massive fire that struck “Terp Town.” A cigarette either discarded or improperly put out in the dry grass between two greenhouses.

Here’s What Happened at Loudpack Farms

On Tuesday, Fire Chief Jeff Tersptra told KSBW that it was a cigarette that caused the Loudpack Farms greenhouse fire in late July. In fact, Terpstra got even more precise. He identified a spot between two greenhouses where the fire originated.

July 23 was a windy day in Greenfield. And Chief Terpstra believes that the strong winds eddied in between the buildings, fanning a small cigarette ember into a roaring inferno. Terpstra said the investigation ruled out any other possible cause.

However, Terpstra was quick to add that there was no malicious intent behind the fire. Just an employee who improperly put out a smoke, who shouldn’t have been smoking in the first place.

Loudpack Farms spokesperson Jessica Sutton said in a statement that the company identified the employee responsible. Sutton says the employee was aware of the facility’s no smoking policy but made a bad decision.

California’s Cannabis Brands Continue Production After Greenhouse Fire

At 900 Cherry Avenue in Greenfield, Loudpack Farms is the city’s largest employer. And its massive cultivation facility grows cannabis for some of the state’s most popular brands, DNA Genetics and of course, Loudpack.

Indeed, Loudpack Farms was one of California’s leading growing facilities. It had even garnered a nickname as “Terp Town” for its flavorful, aromatic crops. By the time the fire was over, it had ripped through a dozen greenhouses stocked with standing crop. But the situation could have been even worse.

High winds were fanning the flames that day. But the Greenfield Fire Department and Greenfield Police responded quickly to get the fire under control. Loudpack Farms did not have any sprinkler systems installed that also might have helped put out the fire.

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