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Hydroponics Guide For Beginners


Hydroponics Guide For Beginners

Using a basic hydroponics system to grow your own cannabis can give you some amazing harvests; this hydroponics for beginners guide will show you how.

3. Fill Tote

Straightforward enough. Just fill it up with water.

Tip: If the sides of your tote start to bow out as it fills up with water, you may need to make one quick adjustment.

Use your drill to drill holes into the top of the lid and the sides of the tote. The holes should line up so that you can run a zip tie through both holes; this will eventually help seal the lid shut and keep the sides from bowing.

Drill pairs of holes in each corner of the lid, as well as halfway down the length of the tote. (If this sounds confusing, just check out the video below.)

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