Where to Get the Best Seeds For Your Grow

Whether you’re running a small-scale grow room to supply bud for you and your friends, or you’re running a large-scale commercial operation, you have to find high-quality seeds. If you don’t start off with the best seeds possible, your entire crop will be doomed to mediocrity. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to get the best seeds for your growing needs.

Seed Banks Can Provide The Best Seeds

Seed banks collect and store seeds in order to preserve the genetic lineages of different plants. When it comes to cannabis, seed banks are incredibly important. Given the huge number of different strains, the genetic pool for the cannabis species is constantly morphing. Seed banks help keep track of all these changes, and they make sure that we don’t breed certain strains and genes into extinction. They preserve as many unique strains as they can.

In addition to preserving the gene pool of the cannabis plant, seed banks also sell top-notch seeds to growers. In fact, seed banks are one of the best sources for good cannabis seeds. When you buy from a reputable seed bank, you can choose from a huge selection of strains, often including rare and hard-to-find strains. Similarly, you can trust that you’ll be getting only the best seeds that come from strong and pure lineages.

Fortunately, you can go online to buy directly from a number of great seed banks. Here are some of the best ones to check out:

  • Barney’s Farm: Based in Amsterdam, the folks at Barney’s have collected a huge variety of strains.
  • Sweet Seeds: This well-stocked seed bank is based in Valencia, Spain.
  • Sensi Seeds: A classic on the cultivation scene, Sensi Seeds is known for collecting, breeding, and selling tons of top-shelf seeds.
  • Dinafem: Based in Spain, the breeders and growers at Dinafem have built a reputation for providing growers some of the best feminized seeds anywhere.
  • Serious Seeds: This seed bank is an old-school source based in The Netherlands. They’ve put all their years of experience to work, providing growers everywhere with world-class seeds.

Wholesale Seed Sellers

The spread of legalization has catalyzed the growth of large-scale commercial grow operations. If you’re one of these high-volume growers, you will be buying seeds in bulk. You will benefit the most from buying from large, wholesale seed sellers. Here are a few good choices to check out:

  • Royal Queen Seeds: This seed seller specializes in autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and high-CBD seeds.
  • The Farm: Based in Boulder, Colorado, The Farm has always had a passion for medicinal cannabis and all-around wellness. They are a good option for growers looking to buy wholesale.
  • Growers Choice Seeds: This company provides seeds to customers throughout North America. They offer wholesale options for people who need to buy a lot of seeds at a single time.


If you are growing as a hobby or just for personal use, you won’t need to buy tons of seeds at a time. But you will still need to find the best seeds possible. And if you live in a 420-friendly state, the easiest option might be your local dispensary.

Not all dispensaries sell seeds, but more and more of them are starting to offer them to customers. When you buy seeds from a dispensary, you can talk to experts about your different options and you can ask them any questions you may have. You might end up spending a little bit more when you buy from a local dispensary, but it’s a good way to ensure that you’re getting the best seeds possible.

Harvest Them Yourself

If you are especially into taking the DIY approach, then harvesting your own seeds may be your best bet. Doing it this way can help save money since you won’t be purchasing brand new seeds every time you plant a new crop.

Beyond that, it can also be a way to increase the control you have over your plants’ genetics. If you fall in love with a particular strain, you might want to use some of your plants to harvest seeds so you can keep growing more of that strain. Or if you’re feeling adventurous and you want to try your hand at creating your own hybrid strain, you can cross different strains and then use the seeds your plants produce.

If you want to harvest your own seeds here are a few simple steps to ensure success:

  1. Be sure you identify the sex of your plants. To get seeds you will need both female and male plants.
  2. Wait until the female plants start flowering and the male plants start producing pollen.
  3. Pollinate the female flowers with pollen from the male plant.
  4. Allow the female plant to continue growing.
  5. When it reaches full maturity—usually four to six weeks later—pick out all the seeds from the female plant’s flowers. Save those fertilized seeds. When you’re ready to grow more plants, germinate them, plant them, and nourish them to full maturity.

One quick note: If you harvest your own seeds, remember that the fertilized flowers will not be very good for smoking. So only do this is if you can afford to sacrifice a female plant or two. The good news is that a single fertilized female will give you enough seeds to grow tons of other plants

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