What are Feminized Seeds?

Using feminized seeds can be one of the best ways to ensure great crops. This guide will give you everything you need to know about feminized cannabis seeds.

If you have any interest in growing cannabis, feminized seeds need to be an important part of your toolbox. These seeds streamline the entire cultivation process. Additionally, they ensure huge harvests of flowers that you can dry, cure, and smoke.

Feminized Seeds: A Quick Intro

Simply put, feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that have been designed to have exclusively female chromosomes. As a result, these seeds will only grow into female plants. And since female plants—not male ones—produce the buds you will eventually smoke, this is a good thing.

Using feminized seeds is a great idea for all sorts of growers. If you are a rookie, feminized seeds can help simplify the process. They make it easier for you to learn as you go without having to sacrifice the quality of your crop.

Similarly, if you are a veteran grower, feminized seeds can be a good way to switch things up. By using this type of seed, you can skip some of the steps you’re probably used to completing, giving yourself a simplified growing process from start to finish.

The Benefits Of Growing With Feminized Seeds

There are a couple of big benefits to using feminized seeds. Since you already know that every plant will be a female, the entire growing process is much simpler and smoother.

Ordinarily, when you grow weed, you have to take time early on in the process to figure out which plants are male and which are female. You then have to remove the male plants before they pollinate your female plants. If that happens, the females will end up producing low-quality bud full of seeds.

By using feminized seeds, you solve both of these problems at once. You no longer have to take the time to identify the sex of your plants. Similarly, you don’t need to go through the effort of removing the male plants. With feminized seeds, you get to skip these steps. You get a simplified growing process.

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about getting flowers that are full of seeds. When you plant feminized seeds, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’re going to get a huge crop of seed-free, beautiful, smokable flowers.

Finally, when you plant feminized seeds, you use fewer seeds. In a traditional grow, you’ll typically germinate and plant twice as many seeds as the number of mature female plants you hope to produce. This lets you account for all the male plants that will eventually be removed. But by using feminized seeds, you don’t need to germinate any extra seeds. This can save you time and money.

How Are Feminized Seeds Created?

These seeds are the product of some seriously cool genetic engineering. Here’s how it works. In nature, cannabis seeds contain both male and female chromosomes. In fact, in certain conditions, cannabis plants will grow both male and female parts and end up self-pollinating.

While this is a really interesting fact about the cannabis plant, it also is the reason why feminized seeds are even possible. Essentially, breeders figured out how to force female plants to produce pollen. They then used that pollen to fertilize another female plant. The seeds produced by this process only have female chromosomes. These are feminized seeds, genetically guaranteed to grow into mature female plants.

Where To Get Feminized Seeds

You can get feminized seeds pretty much anywhere you can get regular cannabis seeds. Here’s a quick rundown of where to get the best seeds:

  • Seed banks: This is ideal for small, at-home growers.
  • Dispensaries: Depending on where you live, you may be able to pick up some seeds at your local dispensary.
  • Wholesale seed sellers: This is the best option if you are running a medium- to large-sized grow operation.

How To Use Feminized Seeds

You should use feminized seeds the same way you would any other cannabis seed. Start by figuring out how many plants you ultimately want to produce. Then germinate enough feminized seeds to get you there. It’s probably a good idea to germinate a couple of extra seeds, just in case any of your plants run into problems.

Once your seeds have sprouted and started growing, it’s time to transplant them into your growing medium. If you’re growing outdoors, be sure your plants get plenty of sun, and that they are kept away from dangerous pests and predators.

If you are growing indoors, be sure your grow room is set up properly, with adequate temperature and humidity controls, air circulation, and a high-quality lighting system.

Regardless of where and how you are growing your plants, be sure they get enough water. Throughout the growing cycle, feed them the right combo of nutrients. And if you’re growing in soil, don’t forget to use a plant food that also promotes healthy microbial activity in the soil itself.

Final Hit: What are Feminized Seeds?

Remember, with these seeds you do not need to worry about checking for the sex of your plants. You can simply feed them and take care of them as they move through the life cycle. Eventually, you will get tons of crystal-coated flowers. After they’ve been harvested, dried, and cured, sit back and enjoy your seed-free buds.

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