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20 Amazing Things To Try When You’re High

Amazing Things To Try When You're High


20 Amazing Things To Try When You’re High

Looking for fun things to try when you’re high

It’s no secret that weed can make just about any activity more enjoyable. Wiz Khalifa said it himself in his song Up, “everything’s better when you’re high.”

For one, it makes chores bearable. On the other hand, being high is incredible when paired with fun activities.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 amazing things you need to try when you’re high before you die.

20. Stand-Up Comedy

Amazing Things To Try When You're High

Everything is funnier when you’re high. It’s no wonder comedians like Tommy Chong, Bill Maher, Katt Williams, George Carlin, and more have admitted to using pot regularly.

Toke up with some friends and head to a comedy club. You’ll laugh your way to a six-pack.

Think about it; you’ve probably laughed at something that wasn’t even funny while high.

Imagine your reaction to something specifically designed to make you laugh.

Comedians would rather you show up high than drunk. A high guy equals easier laughs while a drunk guy could mean heckling.

In fact, Vice reported on a “smokeasy” comedy night where the entire audience is stoned.

“The smokeasy is generally in much higher spirits than typical comedy club crowds, which can get drunk and rowdy,” Lauren Brenner, one of the evening’s comedians, told Vice after her set.

“I’ve actually never seen a heckler in here. And I’m no scientist, but my intuition tells me that’s closely related to the cannabis.”

We couldn’t agree more. When was the last time you saw someone stoned starting trouble?

19. Try New Foods

Amazing Things To Try When You're High

We have access to apps like Yelp, so discovering new food spots is easy.

Your mind will be more open to new things when you’re stoned, so it’s the perfect time to try something new.

Your open mind will make it easier to get creative and come up with new dishes or food combinations.

Whoever made sweet and salty popcorn probably experienced the munchies before.

If that’s not enough to convince you, even science says weed makes food taste and smell better!

With your enhanced smell and taste, you’ll appreciate food in a way you never did before.

Furthermore, most people who have smoked weed will tell you that food tastes better when high.

One of the best things to look forward to on your first high is how amazing everyone says food will taste.

Cold pizza is a delicacy to the high tongue. So, imagine the flavorgasms you’ll have when you’re baked at the best pizzeria in town chowing down on a fresh slice.

Just make sure you don’t let that short term memory loss make forget to let that pizza cool before diving in.

You don’t want to burn your tongue before you ever get to see what it tastes like while high.


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