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Have You Seen My Bong Recreation Area Road Sign?

Have You Seen My Bong Recreation Area Road Sign?


Have You Seen My Bong Recreation Area Road Sign?

The Richard Bong Recreation Area road sign in Wisconsin provides some unintended fun for weed smokers.

There’s always been a certain subculture of weed smokers who love stealing road signs that are inadvertently funny or related to cannabis in some way. The best example: think about all those 420 mile markers that always turn up missing. But there is no piece of signage as coveted as the Bong Recreation Area road sign.

The Perfect Weed-Themed Road Sign

Have You Seen My Bong Recreation Area Road Sign?

Atlas Obscura

When it comes to road signs that accidentally reference cannabis culture, Wisconsin’s Richard Bong State Recreation Area reigns supreme. And there are a couple of signs for the park that have caught the attention of weed smokers.

For starters, there’s the one right outside the park. This one reads: Richard Bong State Recreation Area. It also includes a painting of a tree (yet another good accidental weed reference).

That sign is good, but the best one is the big brown road sign a few miles outside the park. This one says: Bong Recreation Area Exit 340.

Not surprisingly, the Richard Bong Recreation Area sign has become a favorite among cannabis fans. So much so, that the park has had problems with people stealing the sign.

Here’s how Wikipedia described the sign-stealing trend: “Largely due to its name’s coincidental allusions to marijuana use, Bong Recreation Area is a frequent target of sign theft.”

According to some sources, the Bong Recreation Area sign is one of the most frequently-stolen signs in the U.S. Some rank it as high as top ten.

Whatever the case, it’s no surprise that the road sign turns up missing from time to time. Weed-inspired pranksters are known for having a special love for road signs that inadvertently mention anything weed-related.

From the sounds of things, Wisconsin weed smokers as well as tourists visiting the area, find this sign especially hilarious.

Richard Bong Recreation Area

Humorous road signs aside, the Richard Bong Recreation Area is actually a pretty nice spot. Located about an hour south of Milwaukee and almost two hours north of Chicago, the park is a 4,515-acre natural area.

It has tons of trails for hiking and mountain biking. People camp, hunt, fish, and even dogsled there. The park was named after Richard Bong, a local man who became a famous fighter pilot during World War II.

After the war, the Air Force had plans to build an installation in Wisconsin. When those plans fell through, the state decided to name the land where the base was supposed to go after Bong. Wisconsin then turned the whole thing into an outdoor recreational area.

Final Hit: Richard Bong Recreation Area Road Sign

In the end, it seems like there are a couple of reasons weed smokers might like the Richard Bong Recreation area.

On the one hand, smokers with a prankster streak might think the Bong Recreation Area road sign is hilarious. And even if you’re not really into all that, the park itself sounds like a decent spot for an outdoor smoke sesh.

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