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Date Ideas For Cannabis Loving Couples

Date Ideas For Cannabis Loving Couples


Date Ideas For Cannabis Loving Couples

Dating slumps are universal, whether you’re 420 friendly or not. It’s too easy to get stuck in a rut of Netflix and chill…  Still, as adults, its hard to think of date ideas to express our interests and desires that don’t seem socially unacceptable at first.

But what if we set down that baggage and instead were willing to say “yes!” What if we explored seemingly common ideas in new ways? Let cannabis be your gateway to discovering new sensations and pleasures in common activities.

Experiencing something new and exciting is a fantastic way to connect with your partner, and cannabis centered dates can lead to such adventures.

Here’s a few cannabis specific date ideas to try next time you’re looking for a little excitement in your love life.

Expand your mind and body with a cannabis friendly Yoga class.

Toking up before getting bendy can help you relax into your body and feel more present. Additionally, doing this as a couple gives you a shared skill set from which to draw in the future if one of you notices that the other is tense or upset.

Imagine saying something like, “It seems like there’s a lot going on for you right now. Can we take a few belly breaths together like we learned in yoga class?”

Take a cannabis cooking class together.

There’s nothing trendier in the world of cannabis culture than ultra-chic culinary events. Cannabis cooking classes are a great way to sharpen your kitchen skills incorporate multiple senses into your date night: touching the ingredients, hearing and smelling the food cooking, watching the instructor’s techniques, and tasting the results.

Get a couples’ massage when you’re high.

There’s hot stone massages, then there’s stoned massages! The idea of a couples’ massage is nothing new, but incorporating THC infused lotion is a novel idea. Apothecanna’s Pain Crème, for example, is “infused with THC and CBD, as well as Arnica, Peppermint and Juniper.”

Cannabis is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Cannabis creams and lotions are the perfect tool for deep, therapeutic work. As the THC does not enter the bloodstream, you won’t get high. But you will experience soothing, cooling sensations and immediate relief from pain. This is a great way to experience marijuana’s healing properties!

Go to a show at the local planetarium.

One of the often repeated stoner tropes is the idea of getting high and contemplating the universe–this gives you the chance to do it while observing the cosmos. Afterwards, you and your sweetie can share your profound observations.

Go fly a kite!

I mean, get high first, but then go fly a kite. This is an activity that you can do anywhere there’s open space and a bit of wind. Pick up a kite at the dollar store, take a drive out into nature, medicate, and have a blast together. You can compete to see who’s better at doing tricks, who keeps their kite in the air the longest, who crashes the hardest, really anything.

Cultivating a playful attitude with one’s partner is a great way to deepen intimacy and reduce stress. There’s even cannabis strains that are specially cultivated to heighten your mood.

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