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Everyday Activities That Get Surprisingly Better With Weed

15 Everyday Activities That Get Surprisingly Better With Weed


Everyday Activities That Get Surprisingly Better With Weed

Weed Makes Everything Better—Including These Everyday Activities

When you’re high, everything seems better. And that includes tons of mundane, everyday activities.

In fact, feeling better about whatever it is you’re doing is one of the best benefits of smoking weed. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 15 everyday activities that get surprisingly better with weed.

1. Cleaning The House

15 Everyday Activities That Get Surprisingly Better With Weed

Let’s start this list off with some everyday activities that most people absolutely hate: cleaning. It really says a lot about cannabis if consuming it can make something as boring and dreaded as cleaning the house seem better.

But that’s exactly what weed does. When you’re high you’ll be more relaxed, and you won’t get as pissed off about cleaning as you normally do.

Along with that, cannabis can impact the way you perceive time. That can be helpful since you won’t feel like you’ve been wasting your time sweeping for hours.

The only potential drawback is that you might get distracted more easily when you’re high. And simple things like operating a vacuum might suddenly seem confusing.

As long as you can battle through and stay on task, cleaning while high will give you the best tidying up experience of your life.

2. Running

15 Everyday Activities That Get Surprisingly Better With Weed

Running and weed is a very interesting combo. And there are a few reasons why.

For starters, there’s some debate in the running community about whether it’s good to run while high. Some say that the painkilling, anti-inflammatory qualities of weed fmake it a great running supplement.

Others say that the increased heart rate people get when they’re high could make running while high a bad idea.

But those aren’t the only connections between cannabis and running. There’s an even more interesting link.

Ever heard of a “runner’s high?” Well, it turns out that the experience of getting a runner’s high is remarkably similar to getting high from weed.

In 2015, researchers published a paper that explained why. They found that running and smoking weed both tap into your body’s endocannabinoid system.

And when that happens, it gives you pleasurable sensations and feelings. It also helps you feel calm and relaxed.

So if running and weed produce more or less the same biological effects, what would happen if you ran while you were high? Time to go find out.

3. Having Sex

15 Everyday Activities That Get Surprisingly Better With Weed

If there’s one thing on this list of everyday activities to get excited about, it’s this one. Getting high gives you better sex.

And it makes perfect sense why. For starters, weed makes you calmer, more relaxed, and less inhibited. It helps take the edge off.

That primes you to fully dive into the experience of getting intimate. To put it simply, when you’re high, it’s easier to get into it.

But it doesn’t stop there. Along with being less inhibited, a lot of your physical sensations are more intense.

And that translates into heightened sexual stimulation and sensitivity. The combo of all this is mind blowing sex.

It’s no secret that weed helps you have better sex. In fact, there are a bunch of weed-related sex products out on the market that cater specifically to this.

Probably the most well known is cannabis lube. It’ll lube up your private parts while also giving your most sensitive regions some powerful stimulation.

So powerful, in fact, that one sex expert said using lube is like “getting your clitoris high.” Yet one more reason to smoke more weed.


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