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Find Out How Weed Saved This Comedian’s Life

Find Out How Weed Saved This Comedian's Life - Green Rush Daily


Find Out How Weed Saved This Comedian’s Life

Smoking weed and uncontrollable laughing: a classic combo that any Green Rush Daily reader has experienced many times before.

Kind of like when you get stoned and everything is hilarious, but every time you start laughing you have no idea if your laughter is at all appropriate.

Is anyone else laughing? Am I laughing too loud? Is it even funny? Wait, why is no one else laughing…At that point, the best thing to do is just take another hit and forget about it.

Well, the combination of weed and laughter is moving into some new territory as a new documentary called Grass Fed is released tonight.

The new film documents the life story of Canadian comedian Mike Paterson as he tries to deal with serious back pain and other health problems.

According to the film’s website, “Mike Paterson tries a cannabis-infused diet and a radically healthy lifestyle to help him treat his debilitating back pain and turn his health around in time for his wedding.”

As anti-cannabis politicians and other anti-pot pundits continue arguing against the evidence that cannabis can in fact be a life-saving and life-changing form of treatment for all sorts of health problems, stories like this could go a long way in helping to change cultural attitudes.

Clearly, scientific proof isn’t enough on its own. If it were, then maybe we’d be seeing some quicker progress in legalizing cannabis.

Just last month, for example, scientists published a report concluding that cannabis offers a much safer and more effective form of treatment than the opioids currently being prescribed by doctors.

But politicians refuse to listen to this science. Hopefully, the more that scientific studies can be coupled with real-world voices, experiences, and stories—just like those documented in Paterson’s new film—the more the cultural tide of marijuana prohibition will continue to turn.

Here’s the trailer:

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