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How to Get Free Weed

How to Get Free Weed


How to Get Free Weed

Looking to score some free weed? Here’s the definitive guide to getting free weed.

Smoking weed is an expensive habit to keep. Even finding a place to buy it can be difficult. Between the papers, glass, vape or whatever your preferred method of smoking is, purchasing cannabis can come at a high cost. Not to fear! Here are some foolproof ways to finesse your way into free weed.


How to Get Free Weed

First of all – it’s Alaska. You have better luck finding a pack of rabid wolves wandering around than a dispensary. However, if you land in South Anchorage be sure to search out the Alaska Green Angels.

This group gives out free weed to those who are severely ill and in need of medical marijuana as well as veterans suffering from PTSD. Alaska Veteran’s Cannabis Relief Organization is another organization that provides vets who are struggling with medical marijuana.


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