Most Important Things To Know Before Going To The Dispensary

6. Bring Cash

The next thing you need to carry on you is cash. Do not pull up to the dispensary if you do not have cash.

Even if they have an ATM, it will probably come with a fee which can be easily avoided by coming prepared.

If they don’t have an ATM or it’s empty you’ll be making an extra trip to get cash.

The reason dispensaries operate in cash is because cannabis is still federally illegal. As a result, banks won’t take the money of a dispensary.

They’re forced to operate in mostly cash which is why you’ll have to have cash ready if you want to leave with some green.

5. Know Your Sativas

Knowing the differences between strain types like indica and sativa will make you a smarter consumer of weed.

“Cannabis” is used to describe the genus of the plant whereas words like “sativa” and “indica” denote the species.

Sativas are known to provide more high-energy, euphoric, head highs than any other kind of strain.

One way to tell a sativa strain apart is to look at the nug. For Sativa strains, the nug is usually long and skinny.

Another way is via smell. Sativas are generally earthy smelling.

We recommend sativa for daytime use or even creative work because they tend to be more on the psychoactive side.

Popular sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Green Crack, and pretty much anything with “Haze” in the name will be sativa-dominant.

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